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Archival Audio

This page is dedicated to audio and airchecks.

2015 CT Radio Memories, a ten part documentary produced for WWUH by Brandon Kampe.

EPISODE 1 - Doolittle's Dream and Parker's Promise - The story of Connecticut's Oldest Radio Station
     In 1922, Franklin Doolittle built a radio station in the back of his store in New Haven which would become WDRC radio. He also conducted pioneering experiments on Meriden Mountain with Major Edwin Armstrong in the development of FM radio.We begin with a look at WDRC’s early years as a CBS radio affiliate, carrying network programming and producing local shows with personalities like Harvey Olson, Russ Naughton, Bill Sheehan, and Larry Colton.

EPISODE 2 - Static Free - The story of Hartford's Oldest FM station, and other FM stations in Hartford, that didn't have AM counterparts
     We look at the origins of WHCN as a classical music station in T. Mitchell Hayes’ Concert Network, and after financial problems, its 1969 conversion into Hartford’s first all-progressive rock radio station, and one of the earliest free-form stations in the country.
In addition, we look at several other FM-only stations heard in greater Hartford including WWUH (University of Hartford), WJMJ (St. Thomas Seminary), WRTC (Trinity College), WHUS (University of Connecticut), WFNQ/WSCH/WLAE/WLVH/WZMX as well as Connecticut Public Radio which started as WPBH, then was WPKT and is now WNPR.

Stations below are listed in alphabetical order:

First broadcast, featuring Major Edwin Armstrong, relayed by W1XPW on Meriden Mountain, 1940: (coming soon)

WAPJ Torrington, CT
July, 2012 interview with Brandon Kampe, producer of the Hartford Circus Fire documentary which has aired on WAPJ, August, 2012.

WAPJ's Barrie Soucy interviews Joe Clark about the history of Torrington radio. 9/12

Interview with WAPJ's Founder, Dr. Is Tempkin, 3/13.

WCCC (AM), 1290 khz, Hartford, CT

Early Children's Show with Ivor Hugh:

Early church program:

Early (1948) show done by High School students (poor audio):

The next five rather unusual clips are ads for "Double E" c. 1960.  Does anyone know what that was?

Double E Spot 1

Double E Spot 2

Double E Spot 3

Double E Spot 4

Double E Spot 5

Here are several more examples of locally produced spots:

General Oil Spot 1

General Oil Spot 2

General Oil Spot 3

General Oil Spot 4

General Oil Spot 5

This next series of provocative and entertaining spots features the theme "Is God Dead?:

"Is God Dead" Spot 1

"Is God Dead" Spot 2

"Is God Dead" Spot 3

"Is God Dead" Spot 4

Hurricane Audry - 1957:  \Live with Betty Hugh of the Red Cross:

Comedy show with Ivor Hugh:

WTMI (WCCC AM) Inaugurates HD Broadcasting, 1995

Additional WCCC audio in the WCCC-FM Retrospective section below.

Howard's WCCC audition!

WCCC-FM 106.9 Mhz, Hartford, CT

1970 Morgan aircheck:

1971 Sandy aircheck:

1972 Brooklyn Joe aircheck:

1973 Sebastian aircheck:

1974 Rusty Potz aircheck:

In 1975 WCCC celebrated 30 years of rock programming.  To commemorate the occassion the sation produced and aired a series of thirty "retrospectives" featuring airchecks of the period and interviews with key personnel. These were compiled by Rich Conway.

1975 Retrospective:

1976 Retrospective:

1977 Retrospective:

1978 Retrospective:

1979 Retrospective:

1980 Retrospective:

1981 Retrospective:

1982 Retrospective:

1983 Retrospective:

1984 Retrospective:

1985 Retrospective:

1986 Retrospective:

1987 Retrospective:

1988 Retrospective:

1989 Retrospective:

1990 Retrospective:

1991 Retrospective:

1992 Retrospective:

1993 Retrospective:

1994 Retrospective:

1995 Retrospective:

1996 Retrospective:

1997 Retrospective:

1998 Retrospective:

1999 Retrospective:

2000 Retrospective:

2001 Retrospective:

2002 Retrospective:

2003 Retrospective:

2004 Retrospective:

2005 Retrospective:

1985 Air Check:

Rusty Potz Air Check:

WDEE (now WQUN) Hamden, CT

WDEE, August 1, 1967

FM Stereo

WGCH-FM 95.9 MHz, Greenwich, CT

Wonderful audio history of WGCH-FM by Dick Bertel:

Christmas Show, 1950


Dick Richard's Show January 6, 1956

Dottie and Dick Show, January 6, 1956

WHCN 105.9 Mhz, Hartford, CT
Gary Lee Horn of WHCN:

Chip Triest Newscast the day after John Lennon was shot:

WHUS 91.7 Mhz, Storrs, CT


WKNB (WRYM) 840 Khz Newington, CT

The "Rural Hour":

WKSS 95.7, Hartford, CT
Format Switch - 1984

1985 Composite Year:

WNAB 1400, Bridgeport, CT
recorded by Cliff Mills.

Compilation of WNAB audio from 1952, courtesy of Dick Bertel (Bertelmann):

WNAB 1961 "Wildman" Steve Gallow Comedy Bit

WNHC, New Haven
Dan Ingram

WNLK, Norwalk, CT
WNLK Radio Drama 1950

WNVR Naugatuct, CT

WSTC, Stamford, CT

Dick Bertel Audition Tape made at WSTC, 1956.

WWUH 91.3 Mhz, West Hartford

Exerpt from "Adam & Eves Calvacad of Stars", Mark Persky, '72
(predesessor of the Greatest Show from Earth)

WWUH founder Clark Smidt doing a Top-40 show, 1968.

"Assassination Journal" produced by George Michael Evica

"Alternative Radio Deprivation" Marathon Promo

"The Book of Larry" Marathon Promo

"24" Marathon Promo

"Sunday, Sunday" Marathon Promo

Marathon Promo

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