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CT Televison History
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--On December 29, 1949, KC2XAK, Bridgeport, CT , became the first UHF television station to operate on a regular daily schedule.

CT TV Memories:

Don Upham:  
Your history site mentions rumors of a moveable, experimental or demonstration TV station in the late 1940's. I have a couple of ideas: CBS had a traveling demonstration of their sequential (mechanical) color TV during this time period. It was closed-circuit, not on the air but people don't always understand the difference. I saw it at a Boston department store sometime in the late 40's. And Westinghouse was promoting their idea of an airborne TV system using one of the high-band VHF TV channels. The plane was based in Baltimore, Md. but the signal reached into New England. I did not observe this personally. Their name for the system was "Stratovision."

Contributor: George Kowal:
W06BP, New Haven 
Just jotting down a note, we had, and I built W06BP an LPTV station,  transmitter was in a state park in New Haven on a tower, same tower as  the Yale FM station. If I dig out some of my older email from older pc's I might find the  years it was on. That license and allocation was transferred, moved to become W17CD in  Stamford, CT. The original site of W17CD was a triangular office building across from  Lord & Taylor store in Stamford before others moved it to Strawberry Hill.

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