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Call Letter Meanings

Call Letters and their meanings:

The FCC, which assigns call letters, doesn't care what they stand for (with a few exceptions) but many call letters have meanings.  They often represent such things at the initials of the owners or parent corporation or they may represent the station's mission or format.  As you can see below some of these means are no longer valid, such Travelers Insurance Company no longer owning WTIC, but stations often hold on to heritage call letters for obvious reasons.

Call Letters and their meanings: 

WACC-LP      Asnuntuct Community College

WADS            Ansonia-Derby-Shelton/Seymour

WAOF           Avon Old Farms (carrier current)

WAPJ              World (of) Arts, People, Joy

WATR             WaTeRbury

WAVZ             Waves (New Haven)

WBCR            Briarwood College Radio (carrier current)

WBMI             Broadcast Music Inc.

WBVC            Bill V. Cargill

WBRY            WaTerBuRY (later WQQW)

WCCC            We Cover Connecticut’s Capitol,

                        Later Color, Cut and Clarity

WCTF             CT
Family Radio


WCTY             CounTrY


WCUM           CUMbre


WDRC            Doolittle Radio Company


WEBE             We Be 108

WECS             Eastern Connecticut State

WEDW            Educational Western CT

WEHW           East Hartford Windsor (later WSOR and then WKND)

WELI               ELI Whitney

WENU             We 'N You at 92 (later WWYZ)

WERB             Educational Radio Berlin?


WESU             "WESleyan Univ."


WFCS             Fm Ct State?

WFHA            Farmers Home Association

WFIF              FIFteen Hundred

WFMQ           FM Quality

WFNW           Financial News for Waterbury

WFSB             Francis S. Beebe

WGCH            GreenwiCH


WGSK            Webatuck Gaylordsville South Kent


WGTH             General Tire Hartford


WHCN            Hartford Concert Network


WHCT             Hartford Connecticut Television

WHDD            Robin HooD Radio

WHNB            Hartford New Britain

WHUS             Huskies


WICC              Industrial Capital of Connecticut


WICH              Norwich


WIHS              In His Service

WILI                WILImantic

WINE              "WInE Radio, Good Radio"

WINY              "WINnY, The Community Gal" (station mascot)

WIOF              One Oh Four


WJBX              JukeBoX

WJMJ              Jesus Mary and Joseph

WJZZ              JaZZ

WKCI              Kops-Monahann Communications Incorporated

WKHL             Kool

WKHT             K(c)ountry HiTs


WKNB            "Kensington, New Britain"


WKND            Kenneth N. Dawson (orig. owner)

WKSS             KiSS

WLAD            "We Love All of Danbury", "Lee And Dolan"

WLAT             LATino


WLCR             Licthfield County Radio (silent),

                        also Loomis Chaffee School (carrier current)

WLIS               Long Island Sound (Old Saybrook)

WLVX             Roman Numerals for ???

WMLB            Marylou, Lou, Barry (owners)


WMMM          Westport's Modern Minuteman

WMMW         Meriden Middletown/Middlefield Wallingford


WMNR           Monroe


WMPS            Miss Porters School (carrier current)

WMRQ           Modern Rock


WNAB            We're Nuts About Bridgeport.


WNBC            New Britain CT


WNHC            New Haven, CT


WNHU            New Haven University

WNLC             New London Connecticut


WNLK            Norwalk CT

WNOC           Norwich CT (later WICH)


WNPR             National Public Radio

WNTY            NiNeTY (For 990)

WNVR            Naugatuct Valley Radio


WOMN           WoMaN

WONS             O'Neil Station or William O'Neill Stn (later WNBC & WPOP)

WOWL            OWL = Southern Ct State College Mascot

WPCT             Putnam CT (later WINY)

WPKN            Purple Knights Network (former licensee UB team)

WPKT             Paul K. Taff


WPLR             Popular 99


WPOP             POPular Music

WQGN            GrotoN


WQQQ            "Q is the most memorable alphabet letter, so we took 3 to make it memorable, since we're also on 103.3 and started at 333 Main St. in Lakeville (and phone is 860-435-3333)  aka "Q-103 FM"  (D. Jackson)


WQTQ            “CuTey Q”


WQUN            Quinnipiac University


WRCH            “Rich” also "Radio Corporation of Hartford"

WREF             Radio Eight Fifty or RidgEField

WRKI              "The road to rock" ie I-95


WRTC             Radio Trinity College

WRTT             Radio Tri Town (now WCTF)


WRYM            “RhYMe”


WSAM            Student Association Media (carrier current)

WSCB             Southern CT Broadcasting

WSCH             South CHurch

WSHU             Sacred Heart University

WSLX             St.

WSOR             WindSOR

WSNG             SiNG 61

WSTC             Stamford, Connecticut also Stamford Town Center

WSUB             SUBmarine

WTBY             WaTerBurY (later WQQW)

WTHT             The Hartford Times


WTIC              Travelers Insurance Company

WTNH             Television New Haven

WTOR             TORrington


WTXX             Television Twenty

WTYD             Tide (New London)

WVFR             Voice of Fairfield in Ridgefield


WVOF             Voice of Fairfield Univ.


WVIT              Viacom International Television

WWCO           Waterbury Company


WWEB            Wallingford Educational Broadcasting


WWPT            WesPorT (Staples HS student decided on this to honor a Westport student-operated semi-pirate that operated in the late 50s & early 60s)


WWUH           University of Hartford

WWYZ           (the music lovers') Wise choice

WXCI              Roman Numerals for “91”


WXCT             X (it's memorable) CT?


WYBC            Yale Broadcasting Corp


WYSR             Your Soft Rock, Your StaR

WZBG             Zee Boys and Girls





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