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LOIS KESTER JASON said:   September 2, 2011 4:55 pm PST
I have a PROGRAM SCHEDULE from WNHC the month of October. No year; I assume it is from late 1940's. My late brother, Howard Kester had a program THE BIRTHDAY CLUB from 8 to 8:15 a.m. I would love to give this schedule to the Archive. Anyone remember him? Please contact me. I live in Hamden.

robin giel said:   August 30, 2011 3:51 pm PST
hello i was a girl scout on one of the ranger andy show till this day i wish there was a show like ranger andy for scouts and kids what ever hapend to ranger andy thank you

William Senk said:   August 27, 2011 4:11 pm PST
guess my other message was never sent or got lost in cyber land,,,anyways,,,,if anyone knows of whatever happened to any of the items from the original WKOB,, please e-mail me,,it is my understanding that there are still photos and equipment out there somewhere,,,,and by the way WKOB stood for,,,W>will K> keep O>on B>broadcasting,,thus WKOB,,,not really cleaver,,,but I guess not bad for high school students,,,,and as far as who put the station together,lets just say that it was a well known disc jockey from the then known as WRCQ,,,also just wanted to know if anyone knows if the WPOP towers in Newington are still in use?? they are not lit,,

William Senk said:   August 13, 2011 5:29 pm PST
just a couple of other notes I forgot about in my other message,, the former WBIS now the Spanish station WPRX currently located on Ellis st in New Britain still maintains the old transmitter bldg of WBIS on Sherbrooke Street in Bristol, it still says WBIS on signs on that building which is being taken over by plants,,,also it is my understanding from a friend that the old broadcast bldg of WPOP on Cedar Street in Newington still contains everything in tact as it was left when the station made one of its many moves,,maybe that stuff should be in a broadcast museum,,,also the old WNTY bldg nowa Spanish station on Old Turnpike Road in Southington still operates with all of its original equipment in tact and in use daily,,,,and 1 last note,, its true WDRC was Connecticuts first broadcast station,,,,and is currently broadcasting out of its original facility

William Putterman said:   August 13, 2011 5:18 pm PST
Hello ,cant wait for the Hartford radio history book to come out,, never realized just how much John Ramsey has been and is currently involved in in Connecticut radio,, anyways ,, just to clarify a correction,,the call sign WDRC stood for Doolittle Radio Company, the station has been in the Buckley family for several years, Charlie Parker was MR. WDRC for some time, having served many positions, his son Steve also worked there at 1 time,,now as for the strange WKOB it is my understanding that it is currently a on line station sending out programing to over 27 casinos and has facilities in Bristol and Berlin, Ct... ( it was in my basement at 1 time in New Britain on Wooster Street) that was after Joe Senk had it,,,,I think its nice to see the call letters out there once again,, hope whoever has it be it a pirate or whatever, that they have a long run,, anyone know anything more about todays WKOB?

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