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Gene Garnes said:   March 19, 2011 12:06 am PST
When I went to work at NBC Radio as a radio engineer in the late seventies, there was an studio engineer working there named George Kovacs who told me great stories about WTIC AM when he worked there as a studio engineer. It sure sounded like it was a great place to work.

Jack Rose said:   March 14, 2011 6:12 am PST
Around 1951 I missed most of the 5th grade bedridden with mono. WLIZ/1300 was a constant companion. Bob Crane hosted what was still called the Bill Elliott [GM] Show mornings. Wallie Dunlap [PD] did afternoon drive. Al Herskovitz, a student part-timer, was my boss at WPRO 16 years later. I lived on LI. As a special treat my mom brought me to Bridgeport on the ferry to visit the studio in the CILCO building. They were kind to the 10-yr-old fan who later became a DJ himself. When 1300 went silent, most of the talent landed at WICC/600.

J. Howard Deme said:   March 7, 2011 2:03 pm PST
I was one of the sons of John Deme who reactivated 1230 AM WINF in May of 1958. I worked several air shifts when the station was 250 watts located in the Manchester Shopping Parkade. Hazel Deme did Homemakers Exhange a daily telephone call in show. I will gather up some items for the new book and frward them to the email listed on this site. WINF had many notables on the air in it's day such as Kathy Godfrey, Cal Coldy, Dick Faye, Bob Bacon, Phil Burgess, Jerry Gordon, Joe Girand, Lief Jensen and many others. Thanks for reading this and more to come soon.

Eric Grove said:   February 19, 2011 10:11 am PST
We never knew what we had until it was gone. WELI was a full service AM format from early 1960's to the Newstalk format change. Ron Rohmer's Morning from 5:30-9. Gene Anthony's Music 9-12. WELI News Hour Ed Flynn's Music and Thomas Michael Whalen. It was a great local station that has turned into one big satellite dish at the foot of Benham Street in Hamden.

Barry Fleischer said:   January 26, 2011 6:42 am PST
I grew up down the street from WELI, back in the 60's, WELI could be heard at every barber shop, bakery, (like the Francis Bakery at the Hamden Plaza) I was just a child, (obsessed with radio-still am) but I remember Ron Rhomer in the morning, Stan Shields around lunch time, Gene Anthony in the afternoons,news and a recorded program called "Beautiful Music Radio" with Ralph Nelson at night. Sign off was 1A.M I also remember a talk host John Burcharde around 1969 on Sundays, Joel Alderman on a sunday sports program. Are there any air checks from the early to mid 60's? I used to be able to see WELI's 4 tower array from my bedroom window-with their sequential lights. I still get a thrill when I come home and drive by the station. What ever became of all those great on air personalities? Thanks WELI!

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