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Leslie Safford said:   February 11, 2016 6:26 pm PST
When I was seven, my father, Ted Safford, started working for WINF around the beginning of 1958 and became the program director, until we moved to Putnam, CT so that he could become general manager of WINY. I have happy memories of going to visit him at the WINF studio, which was located over a dance studio. I longed to take ballet lessons, and I often crouched down and looked at pink toe shoes twirling by--no people, just the toes. But there was just as much fun and mystery upstairs in the broadcasting studio. I loved watching the teletype machine, which I thought housed a little elf who typed up the AP reports. It was a disappointment to find out the news came in over the wire from a human being at the other end. My consolation was that Dad often brought me leftover teletype paper to draw on. Then my turn to be on the air came when Mr. Shure of Shure Jewelers asked me to make a few radio commercials with my parents. They were only 60-second spost, but not only did I get to hear myself on radio, but I also got a charm bracelet from Mr. Shure the first year, and a $10 check the next year--my first pay check. Even more excitingly, Kathy Godfrey, Arthur Godfrey’s sister, who had a talk show, taped interviews with my younger brother and me. We still have the tape of my brother’s segment, though--alas--not mine. Does anyone remember where the WINF tower was from 1958 to 1961? I remember standing near the studio in the parcade and seeing the tower in a nearby field. I was probably facing south at the time, but I’ve never been able to pinpoint it exactly. My father wasn’t at WINY very long, but I visited his studio there a couple of times, until we moved to Portland, Maine, where Dad worked for WGAN (and at least four other stations). He probably worked at a dozen stations in his years in broadcasting. And I had an interesting life as a radio brat.

Audrey Parente said:   August 5, 2015 6:05 am PST
Hello all, I am an author working on the biography of Judson Philips who was involved in radio broadcasts during the 1960s and possibly '70s at WTOR in Torrington, CT. Anyone having knowledge of Philips, also known by his pen name Hugh Pentecost, please contact me. And thank you. Audrey Parente: 386-679-9801

Earl Carron said:   July 29, 2015 1:00 pm PST
Fascinating and memory provoking!.. I was employed for many years in broadcast engineering in the Hartford, Farmington, New Britain, Manchester areas. AM/FM/TV beginning in the early fifties through 1980 at which time I relocated to Florida and remained in the business there.

Eric Grove said:   July 17, 2015 8:47 am PST
A very nice website with lots of good information about many CT radio stations.

William Wise said:   March 21, 2015 9:44 am PST
Hi!! I (used to --at the age of, then, only "18" --used to CALL UP winf-1230 A.M. in Manchester, Ct., (with my brother Tom Wise, age 16, (then), AND ESPECIALLY my CLOSE FRIEND Robert Selwitz , age only 14 -then, AND SCREAM, and SWEAR, and make "funny noises" to Jim Duffy, Lou Morton, Pat Sheehan, and Dennis Richards (shows) --on winf, ((then in 1968)), and DRIVE THE HOSTS (and the LISTENERS "CRAZY" back then!!! WE (the THREE OF US) used to CALL THEM "DUFFIES" --from Jim Duffy's name, (back then), and WE GOT A BIG CHARGE IN IT!!!!! Does ANY ONE --(who is old enough to remember)--just possibly remember the "CRANK" calls that "we three guys" used to do way, way, BACK THEN, (in 1968)??? Sincerely, Bill Wise.

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