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Your Twisted Unkle Justin said:   September 9, 2009 2:53 pm PST
I started as a pirate and have had the heart of a pirate since 1980, even during my 25 years as a "legit" morning man. This is a great site and ALMOST makes me want to put together some old stuff and go back pirating. Especially the CFR pics because I own much of the same equipment shown in the pic from Watkins Glen (just 40 mins from my house). The only things stopping me are my various FCC licenses and other things that I need to stay employed as a broadcast engineer. Of course, I have a few FET's, some power supplies, and and old board or two laying around.......NAH!

Tom Scanlan said:   September 4, 2009 5:37 am PST
GREAT site! worked my way thru HS (OH, NY) installing TV antennas.UConn '58 - '62, WHUS with Dave Millson, the Late, Great Jeff Tellis, Tony Riggs, Leighton Gage, Cliff Miliken, Pete Sutheim, other on-air people and engineer geeks; got 1st Phone in '59, was CE at WWCO, then engineer at WBRY under John Tomasciewicz, Ron Ginsberg; studio people like Lou Frank Dennis, Jim Sullivan, GM Bob Holczer; Went to Meriden Mtn with John Corbett @ WATR-TV53...wow, that old, ancient RCA TTU-1B was brand new...and that microwave lash-up to bring in WABC-TV from NYC! Migrated to 'TIC under Bernie Mullins, John Lobb (Sp?), tried to get in at WHCT when Mr. Dorschug was there; did visit WHCT transmitter, saw helical antenna; had a GE Klystron transmitter. Later worked WHYN-TV40 in Spfld, MA; Joe Mulhall, ex-WBRY got me studio maint engineer position at 'HYN. Left fall '62 - BAD grades, GREAT times; on air Noon-6P M-Sat WILI, fulltime, also engineering at 'ILI and WHUS. Dreaded Army draft notice = hello USAF! Visited Meriden Mtn 2006; got pix of Ch. 53 antenna lying in the grass!! Helped a dude saw some brand new transmission line at an FM up there...chatted with him about the old days..I'm retired from USAF and TV Bdcstg...tcbhnliving in CO and in Michigan's UP. There was NOTHING that could even come close to those five great years in CT Broadcasting at age 17-22!!! God love ya all!! FCC License # P1 -2 -14097 if memory serves.......

Dan Sage said:   September 4, 2009 2:13 am PST
When I was a kid my grandfather did work for WKNB TV & Radio / WRYM/ WNBC-TV & WHNB-TV/30 although he was not employed by them he was their Graphic Artist,& set builder. It is great to see that WVIT saved some of his signs displayed on your websight Also WRYM still uses the logo he design back in 1960

Ed Quinn said:   August 22, 2009 12:01 pm PST
Excellent section on Pirate Radio. Very thorough. Especially WKOB!!!!

David Kaplan said:   August 9, 2009 7:12 pm PST
I'm impressed! The work done on just one station's entry is immense, and you have 70+ entries... A tremendous undertaking...

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