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Bob Olsen said:   May 25, 2009 10:11 am PST
I worked at 'PLR from '74 thru '76-ish. First as a volunteer, they didn't call them "interns" back then (remember the "Listener Line"?), and later as a paid employee. I stayed in friendly and loosely connected with the station thru the days in Hamden. My true claim to fame is that I was the President and, to my knowledge, the only member of the Bob Dark Fan Club.

Bob Dark said:   May 23, 2009 10:15 am PST
I was there at the very beginning or pretty close to the very beginning! Was to have started on Monday, October 4th, 1971 but, was asked to start on Sunday evening, October 3rd after signing off the air at "The Boss 1340/WNHC as Bud Stone that afternoon!

Gary Johnson said:   May 19, 2009 7:04 pm PST
JR, Just scratching the surface and already I'm having a blast with this. Great project! Thanks for the link.

Paul Anderson said:   May 19, 2009 8:24 am PST
I am really enjoying this site. I worked at WCCC, WHUS, WNTY and WWUH in the 1970s. I have some air checks and a couple of photos at the WCCC 11 Asylum Street studios I should submit. Paul

Chuck Lund said:   May 18, 2009 7:08 am PST
Listening to Bob Ruge, â??Wildmanâ? Steve Gallon, and "Hound Dog" Lorenz as a teen ager led me into Waterbury radio in 1956. I created the "NiteOwl Show" on WATR in 1967. Most of what I played were the great hits of the time, and I continued playing them as they became "Great Oldies". I did 30 years in Waterbury radio, and loved every minute of it. I retired my show on NewYears Eve 1997. A few other great names on Waterbury radio in the '50s... Bob Terry, the man who originally created the "NiteOwl Show". He started out doing mornings on WWCO, then did the Nightowl night-time show for about a year in the mid 50's, and later went to WATR for a short time. Joe McGuinness, sports announcer, took over the Night spot until he finally left to go to work for WADS in Ansonia. He finally found a permanent home at WTIC working with Bob Steele for many years. Also, a 50's morning man at WWCO, Peter Brochan with his "Naugatuck Calling" morning show. Another 50's broadcaster at WWCO in the mid 50's was news man & Sunday night jock, Wayne Hickox. I did emergency fill-in starting in the 50's, and the last time I worked for WWCO was as an engineer part time when Frank Jancowicz left to go work for WWYZ in the 90's. I also did continuity and some traffic at Super Cee Ohh.

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