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Bob Hodgson said:   September 18, 2013 3:30 pm PST
Enjoyed the website, I was an on-air talent at many of the stations listed. beginning at WHUS at U. Of Conn. in 1956 also did fill in at WILI and weekends at WPUT ( Putnam) while in school, Later worked WLAD in Danbury, WATR in Waterbury, WICC and WNAB ( my name is mentioned) in Bridgeport. Thanks for the memories.

George Conklin said:   May 25, 2013 3:53 pm PST
Back in the late 1950's I produced the first stereo broadcast in Connecticut. It was a concert Mass from one of the Episcopal churches in Hartford. T. Gerald Dyar of Margolis Audio was the recording engineer. We flew the stereo mikes on a boom in front of the balcony. There was a union orchestra with the church choir. The trumpet first chair was brought in from the Boston Symphony. He saw the microphones, followed the wires to the basement and announced he would not perform as his Boston union was not involved. We had a letter of permission from the Hartford union executive . . . which I showed him. He still threatened to walk. I phoned the Hartford union exec and he said, in effect, "Our turf, our rules." The Boston guy played, but there was a very slight 'cluker' here and there. George Conklin, Berkeley, Califoria

George Conklin said:   May 25, 2013 3:44 pm PST
The web site is an amazing collection. From 1956 - 61 I was communication director of the Greater Hartford Council of Churches. We produced radio and TV programs on every station in Hartford. None of the programs were church service broadcasts. We tried many formats including the pioneering "Ask the Pastor" on WCCC radio - Saturday evening, live. Dr. Henry David Gray of Old South Church was often the host. George Conklin, Berkeley, California

KB1FYE said:   May 4, 2013 7:19 am PST
logged "Radio free CT" back in January of 2009 on 94.9MHz FM.. good sounding station with rotating playlist and real voice I.D.'s. Haven't heard them in a while tho... received from Devil's Hopyard State Park in E.Haddam Connecticut with stock receiver in Dodge. Couldn't e-mail the info... link wouldn't work..., but great to see there's a site for CT pirate radio!

Bob Davis said:   May 3, 2013 6:08 pm PST
In a previous "essay" I wrote for this website about my time at WNTY, I made mention that WNTY appeared in the Spring 1997 Hartford and Waterbury Arbitron ratings. What was clear at the time was that it marked my debut as a rated jock. What was not clear was whether it marked WNTY's debut as a rated station. I thought it did and stood by it. Now, thanks to information I obtained online, I thought wrong and spoke too soon. The source of the info is the American Radio History website. Spring 1997 was WNTY's first ratings book appearance since the Spring book of 1980. Even so, getting my first ratings at a station 17 years removed from the last ratings book appearance is still pretty cool. I was so sure of this that I had a challenge available to anyone who could prove me wrong. To this very day, not a single person ever bothered to take me up on it. Anyway, many thanks for allowing me this forum to set the record straight.

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