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Radio Collinsville

Radio Collinsville:  1620 kHz.   This station appears to be a legal Part-15 operation.  Launched in 2006 the station was operates out of a parked pick-up truck in Collinsville.  With a weekend-only broadcast schedule this station has commentary, music, commercials and even a program guide!

No one was around when we found the Radio Collinsville pick up parked next to the river in downtown Collinsville.  Previously the announcer had invited people to "stop by and say hellp" so we didn't feel guilty about taking a few photos of his set up.

Driving through Collinsville on a Saturday morning we
tuned to 1620 Khz and heard Collinsville Radio for the first time.
Roots, folk and blues music was on the playlist this morning
with periodic informal announcements.  It wasn't hard to find the
radio station's tower  parked next to the river behind a canoe rental business.

We had hoped to meet the operator of the station but he had
 "stepped away from the vehicle" when we arrived.

Sitting on the front seat of the truck was a CD boombox
connected to a battery sitting on the floor.

No matter what the power an AM radio station needs a good ground to get out properly.  This operator has come up with an interesting portable ground system consisting of foil strips attached to wooden slats.

Close up of the transmitter and antenna system.  The usable coverage of this station is about 1/3 miles with a good car radio which makes us think that the operation is indeed operating legally under Part 15 which allows 100 milliwatts of input power with a 10' antenna.

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