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Here are some fun broadcast trivia questions. If you know any of the answers let us know, admin@hartfordradiohistory.com. 

1. There are two stations in the US whose call letters spell out the city of license. What stations are these?

2.  Why is there no channel 1 on TV?

3.  Some broadcast stations in the fifties experimented with stereophonic transmission that could be fairly easily received by the public at large several years before stereo FM receivers existed.  How did they do it?

4.  Why is some AM station restricted to broadcasting only during the day?

5.  What famous radio talk host got his start in CT?

6.  What church in Hartford had a licensed FM station on 93.7 in the sixties?

7.  Until recently, WTIC (AM) changed patterns twice a day, at sunrise and sunset times in Dallas, Texas.  Why?

8.  What station did nothing but retransmit the audio from NOAA Weather Radio for close to a year in the eighties?

9.  What Hartford station had studios in both Hartford and Bridgeport and regularly originated programming from both?

10.  Two separate Ct radio stations used the phrase "Radio Towers Park" to describe where they broadcast from. Which stations?

11.  Hartford Jeweler Bill Savitt owned which radio stations?

12.  Bob Crane of "Hogan's Heroes" fame got his start at which CT radio station.

13.  One CT station's transmitter site is most easily accessed via boat.  Which station?

14.  Which station(s) had fallout shelters?



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