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    New Haven, CT. 1300 KHz, 1,000 watts.

    WLIZ, Bridgeport, CT came on the air in 1947 on 1250 Khz.  The studios were located at 114 State Street, Bridgeport.      
    By 1950, William Elliott was President, General and Promotion Manager; Emanuel S. Slotnick, Commercial Manager; Wallace B. Dunlap, Program Director; Sol Robinson, Sales Manager and Ralph Winquist, Chief Engineer.
    The station used the Thesaurus transcription library with news from AP. WLIZ used a Raytheon transmitter which reportedly was located near the Bridgeport Harbor.
    Wally Dunlap later went to WNAB and there is at least one report that WLIZ was purchased by or merged with that station, we believe prior to 1952.
    In the early fifties Frank Wojnarowski was a polka DJ and Ed Coleman became first black DJ in Bridgeport and possibly the first in Connecticut, playing bop.
    Later the 1300 KHz frequency was used by WAVZ, New Haven which is still in operation today.

WAVZ was owned by Kops-Monahan Communications, Inc. It was a popular Top 40 station in the '60s and '70s in competition initially with  WDEE (now WQUN) and later with WNHC (1340, now WYBC).    
    Around 1980 WAVZ became one of the first Music Of Your Life (MOYL) stations, airing big band and adult standards. In June, 1982, WAVZ was sold to Eastern Broadcasting.

   Contributor Dennis Jackson added "When WLIZ, 1300 Khz, went dark, WAVZ moved to 1300 and WMMM took the newly available 1260 (because it was easier to protect WBUD and WBNR on 1260 than WMTR on 1250.

Longtime announcer Tiny Markle with Mary Ford & Les Paul,
date unknown, perhaps 1960

1973 Letterhead

Ed Flynn on Remote, 60s.

Ed Flynn

WAVZ Memories:

Paul Resnik:  "I spent many years in Ct. radio. I worked for WAVZ twice. In the early 70's as "Cash Sunshine" doing mornings when John Long was the PD. I came back to WAVZ 3 years later as "Sunshine" when Chuck Martin was PD. I also did mornings at WHCN as Eddie Haskell when Daniel Hayden was PD, Gary Horn was my partner during those daze. I did two stints at WPLR as well. I was "Paul Taylor" during the change from WNHC-FM to "Popular 99, WPLR" I came back many years later as "Eddie Haskell" as PD and afternoon drive personality. I now live near Daytona Beach in Fl. I work for Symantec Corp as a Sr. Multi-Media Producer. I've been with them for 14 years now. This is a wonderful site and has brought back many memories for me. Thanks!"

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