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WBVR (Pirate)
WBVR was actually a legal, part 15 station operated in the late sixties but their professionalism and duration make them worthy of a mention.
    The original FM frequency was 90.1 MHz, but was later moved to 98.1 and also 104.5.  AM never got off the ground.  Plans were for 1460 (fairly clear during the day in Connecticut) but the AM never actually worked there. 
    Most programming was just like WHCN at that time.  In fact a call was received from a listener from the local high school that didn't believe we were just a little experimental station. We played groups such as Led Zeppelin and Jethro Tull. The station operated from two locations, at the owners house and sometimes the whole studio (which was very simple and based around a Sony TC-350 reel to reel tape recorder) was moved to the house behind it.  Sometimes WBVR simulcast WHCR using the callsign KBZ.  WBVR stood for Buena Vista Radio, which was the name of the local golf course.  WBVR was on one side of the golf course and WHCR was on the other side beyond a lake.  
     The WBVR transmit power on FM was thought to
be lower than 1/10th of a watt, which was legal at the time, as far as we could tell. There was also a very philosophical talk program called "Probe Into Explanation" which touched upon the supernatural and the meaning of life.

Two examples of WBVR QSL cards.

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