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WCCC-FM 1980's Gallery
In July, 1980 WCCC moved into new studios located at 243 S. Whitney St in Hartford's West end.

Above:  WCCC-FM's Steve Kiely (L) interviews band Def Leppard in 1985(?).  (Photos courtesy of Steve Kiely).


Above: "New" WCCC-FM Studio at 243 South Whitney St. in Hartford in 1980.

Above:  WCCC-FM Main and auxiliary transmitters on Avon Mountain, 1981.

Above:  1980 was the year that WCCC moved into this building at 243 S. Whitney St in Hartford's south end.  The station occupied the back 2/3 of the building and the station entrance can be seen on the left side wall.  WCCC operated out of this modest facility until their 1998 move to Asylum Avenue.

Music Director's cabinet, now in residence at the WCCC transmitter site.

Floor plan of the "New" WCCC studio complex on S. Whitney St in Hartford which the station moved into on the weekend of July 4th, 1980. 

WCCC Stern Check

WCCCs Carol Vassar (R) 1987 
FM Studio, 1985

FM Studio. Note "card file" music rotation on left.

FM studio.

Management loved signs!

Below:  Brian Battles, production director, in the WCCC-FM stuido, c. 1984.
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