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WCCC-FM 1990 - 1999

The decade of the 90s saw some major changes at WCCC including the sale of the station by Sy Dresner to Marlin Broadcasting and the relocation of the station's studios from 243 S. Whitney St to 1039 Aslyum Ave in Hartford.

Rich C and Mike Karolyi 1992 w/ Vince Neil of Motley Crue at a WCCC event

The first of a fleet of four Hummers owned by Marlin Broadcasting and WCCC.  This one was a brand new 1996 H1 with 6.5 liter diesel engine.  WCCC engineer Ryan Gilligan-Ramsey is seen at the wheel in this 1997 photo.  In addition to being used for promotions and for engineering purposes, Marlin provided the vehicles and drivers to the Newington Children's Hospital in severe weather to transport doctors and nurses from their homes to the hospital.  Over fifty trips were made in a five year period during Blizzards.

The start of construction at the FM tower site, getting ready for the new tower to accomodate WCCC-AM in the early 90s.

Exterior of 243 S. Whitney St, home to WCCC from 1980 to 1997.

The lobby at S. Whitney St.

South Whitney St. production studio.

S. Whitney St. Sales area.

Sy Dresner in his office on the day before he sold
the station to Mariln.

Within two hours of the sale of the station to Marlin WCCC started broadcasting from new studios at 1039 Asylum Ave.
The picture above was taken just as Marlin VP
 Alan Tolz and WCCC PD Michael Picozzi go
on the air from the new location for the first time.

Marlin president Woody Tanger (R) with Alan Tolz
 in the Production Studio.

AM/FM transmitter site prior to the 2000 major upgrade.

 The new Technical Operations Center at the Asylum.

The first of many promotional campaigns by Marlin.

 1999 sales staff. L-R: Jason, Kristie, Leslie, Anita, Missy, Drew, Michelle, Jay. 

1998 on air staff, L-R:  Michael Karolyi, Sir Stew, Jersey, Rhino, Kevin the Afternoon Guy, Studio Guy, Kidd, Holden Johnson, Amy Tree Hugger, Slater, Raven, Craig, Steven Wayne and Michael Picozzi.

"Girls of The Rock"

Stephen Wayne at WCCC Rock Expo.

Karolyi and Jimmy Koplick at Htfd Civic Center.

Craig warms up the crowd at the Meadows.

1998 Holiday card, L-R standing: John Ramsey, Scott Baron, Anita, Alan Tolz, Craig Edelson, Rachel Griffin, Graham Winters, Mike D, Wendy, Kristie Miller, Jody Stevens, Picozzi, Rhino, Drew Wilder, Michelle Bassos, Rich Conway, Jay Schultz, Karolyi, intern, Chris, Mirielle Blacke, Boyd Arnold. 
Sitting: Missy Robinson, Leslie Mather, Slater, Gina Gunn, Raven, Amy Rocco, Jersey, Kim, Slaveboy, Carol.

Air staff (1999?): Brother Don, Slater, Gina, Raven, Mike D., Amy, Wendy, Rhino, Intern, Slaveboy, Karolyi and Picozzi.

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