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WCCC-FM "The Rock" Years

Supporting our troops.

Steven Wayne with Ozzy

2000 Air Staff, L-R:  Steven Wayne, Mike Karolyi, Rich Conway, Slater, Holden Johnson, Raven, Kevin, Rhino, Amy, John Nowacki, Craig, Jen, Picozzi, Don, Kidd.

2001 Staff photo.

Amy "the Treehugger" doing live broadcast from the Blockbuster Blimp, 1000' over Hartford in 2000.

Raven and Karolyi, 2002

The Asylum

Staff holiday party.


Dumb Ass Thursday

Beef Stew in the air studio

2007 staff photo. L-R: Back row: ?, rAVEN, ?, ?, Pete, Sebastian, Picozzi, Rex, Johnny, ?, ?, Steven Wayne, ?, Slater.
Middle row: Drew, Aileen, Michelle, Mark, Missy, Bill, Jay, Gordon, Josh, Stew, Woody, Alan, John Ramsey, Chris Marti, ?, ?, Chris Larsen, Nicole.
Seated: Kathy, Linda, Miranda, ?, Boyd Arnold

Marlin's 10th Anniversary Party at the Hartford Club, 2008.  L-R, Woody Tanger, Mike Karolyi, Michael Picozzi, Boyd Arnold.

Holiday Party, 2006

2008 Holiday card.

2007 H2

Ozzy and Picozzi at Ozzfest, 2001

The building that WCCC is in was originally built by the Spencer family in the late 1920's for $70,000!  In the 40's the Spencer family sold it to Dr. January and Dr. Thaw who ran a OBGYN practice out of it.   It was converted to radio station use in 1977.

The Rock air staff at one of the famous WCCC tower site staff parties, probably 2002. L to R:
Fluffer, Stu, Rube, Brother Don, Studio Guy, Holden Johnson, Kidd, Amy, Slater, Craig, Picozzi, Ryan, Jonny, Karolyi and Stephen Wayne.
Note early 90's WCCC banner.

Rock Expo
Above: Engineers John Ramsey and Chris Marti confer during 
the marathon 12 hour live broadcast.
Middle: Craig works the crowd. 
Lower: Interview from the second stage.

 Several examples of the dozens of crazy stunts by the afternoon show.
Top:  Human target.
 Next: Concrete shoes.
Middle:  Firing at 50-cal at a washing machine.
Lower: Rube wrappen in plastic wrap.

Lots of live shows and crazy fans.

Live broadcast from the Mayan Riviera.
  The crew, above, L-R: John Ramsey, Jersey,
 Dan Gilligan-Ramsey, Amy, Kevin, Ryan Gilligan-Ramsey,
 Picozzi, Craig.

On August 1, 2014
August 1, 2014 was The Rock's last day.  Marlin Broadcasting, who had owned WCCC-FM since 1998, sold the station to Educational Media Foundation and shortly after 5pm on the first day of August the format was switched to EMF's "K Love" contemporary religious format.  All employees of WCCC-FM and sister station Beethoven Radio were let go and "The Asylum", home to WCCC since 1998, became silent.
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