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Click on the player below to listen to an aircheck.  If you have audio from this station or any other CT station you would like to share please contact us at

This clip, from 1985, features Sy Dresner, owner of WCCC at the time, doing a break.  Sy didn't go on the air very often and we're told that this recording was made just as WCCC-FM came back on the air after being off for several days due to Hurricane Gloria. Courtesy of Steve Kiely.

The Airchecks below, all from the seventies, were provided courtesty of manfrommars.com.

1970 AM sign off and Rusty Potts

1970 Morgan Air Check

1971 Sandy Nichols Air Check

1973 Brooklyn Joe (aka Sebastian) Aircheck

1973 Brooklyn Joe (aka Sebastian) Aircheck

1974 Rusty Potts Aircheck

The clips below are collections of air checks and interviews arranged by year compiled by Rich at WCCC to commemorate the station's 30th Anniversary of Rock in 2005.

1975 Retrospective:

1976 Retrospective:

1977 Retrospective:

1978 Retrospective:

1979 Retrospective:

1980 Retrospective:

1981 Retrospective:

1982 Retrospective:

1983 Retrospective:

1984 Retrospective:

1985 Retrospective:

1986 Retrospective:

1987 Retrospective:

1988 Retrospective, Renee, Sebastian and Carol Vassar

1989 Airchecks, Renee, Ozone and Michelle Foxx

1990 Airchecks, Ozone, Grimm Reaper

1991 Airchecks, Ozone, Holder Johnson and Sebastian

1992 Airchecks, Sebastian, Julie and Mother

1993 Airchecks, Frank Scott, Karolyi, Nervious Rex, Brian Watkinson

1994 Airchecks, Frank Scott, Karolyi and Phil Marlow

1995 Airchecks, Lich, Mel and Frank and Jim Koplic

1996 Aircheck, Melissa, Jim Coulter and Slater

1997 Aircheck, Picozzi and Karolyi

1998 Aircheck, Jay Raven, Karolyi, Picozzi and Slaveboy

1999 Aircheck, Karolyi, Jay Raven, Gus Wilson and Slater

2000 Aircheck, Amy, Holden Johnson, Jay Raven and Jersey 

2001 Aircheck

2002 Aircheck

2003 Aircheck

2004 Aircheck

2005 Aircheck

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