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WCCC-FM '70s

Paul Anderson recalled:
"It was such a great time in radio and WCCC had just completed its transition from all-request to album rock in 1976 when I joined. We played so much variety--everything from Fleetwood Mac to Genesis to Al Stewart to Queen to Santana to Stevie Wonder. We hired good people who knew what they were doing and although we had categories of albums that had to be played each hour, with different rotations, it was up to the jock which cut to play on what album. Ratings were good too, even though both WHCN and WPLR were doing similar formats."

 WCCC studio at 11 Asylum St in Hartford, mid-70s.  Courtesy of Dan Hayden.

The images below are of the old WCCC studio and office location on the 5th floor of 11 Asylum Ave taken in 2010.

The Corning Building at 11 Asylum St in Hartford.

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