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WCCC (AM) Tech Gallery
Above:  WCCC Control Engineer Edward Reid, 1947 photo.

Above:  Rare shot of the original WCCC transmitter building on S. Quaker Ln in West Hartford.  The building was built in 1947 and contained 2 studios as well as the 1290 transmission equipment.  The AM tower can be seen in the background of this 1981 photo. The site was demolished in 1991 to make way for housing.

Above:  Original WCCC (AM) monopole antenna on S. Quaker Ln. in West Hartford.  This tower was errected in 1947 and demolished in 1990 when the owner lost the land lease.  At that time the AM was moved to the FM site.  1981 photo.

Above:  The original WCCC (AM) S. Quaker Ln. transmitter site today. The transmitter building was located about 200' behind the house on the left with the red SUV in front, and the tower was behind the house farthest on the right.  The tower site was demolished in 1990 to make room for this housing development. 2009 photo.

Above:  Letter from Chief Engineer Frank Pingree.

Above:  Main WCCC AM transmitter in 1980, a Gates BC-500, which uses three 4-400A tubes (2 modulators, one final).  To the right is a rack containing processing (CBS Volumax driven by a Marti CL-30) and modulation and frequency monitors.  This shot was taken inside the S. Quaker Lane, W. Hartford transmitter building used by WCCC from 1948 - 1990 when the AM was moved to the FM site on Avon Mountain.

Above:  This is the auxiliary transmitter in 1980.  We're not sure if this was the original WCCC AM transmitter but it could very well be.  It was operational up until the S. Quaker Ln site was decommissioned in 1990. This transmitter used 833 tubes as AF and RF finals.  Love all those meters!

Above: Lower part of WCCC (AM) folded unipole (skirt) antenna. 2001 photo.

Above:  Base of AM tower.

Above:  833 modulator tubes glowing brightly during the weekly test of the Gates BC-500H auxiliary transmitter in 2006.

Above:  AM program director Nicole Marie in the main AM studio built around a Harris Impulse console.  The WCCC Beethoven Radio facility is 100% digital with two identical studios, Audio Vault storage system and SAS routers. 2006 photo.

Above left: WCCC AM's Harris Gates One main transmitter.  Middle: equipment rack containing master clock, modulation monitor, AM HD exciter, audio processing equipment and UHF 2 way radio. On right, Gates BC-500H auxiliary transmitter. 2008 photo. 

Above:  60kw diesel generator at WCCC studio automatically starts and provides electrical power during power outages.  A 7 day supply of fuel is kept on hand at all times!

Above:  WCCC engineering team, L-R, Chris Heerema, Ryan Gilligan-Ramsey, Chris Marti and Chris Heerema.  2005 photo.

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