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WATR-TV Channel 53 went on the air in 1953 as an ABC affiliate. The original WATR-TV studio and transmitter site were on West Peak in Meriden (photos below). In 1965 they moved from channel 53 to channel 20 and became an NBC affiliate the next year.  When they changed to channel 20 both the studio and the transmitter were moved it were moved to Peach Orchard Road in Prospect where a 250' tower was erected.

WATR-TV was sold and became WTXX-TV, an independent station, and was a UPN affiliate in the 1990s. It has been a WB Network affiliate since 2001, and is now owned and operated in Hartford by Tribune Broadcasting along with WTIC-TV, their Channel 61 Fox Network affiliate.

In June, 2009, WTXX terminated analog transmissions on channel 20, shutting down their Prospect transmitter site, and commenced operation on the same channel with a digital signal from the Comsite tower in Farmington, CT.

In 2010 Tribune changed the callsign on channel 20 from WTXX to WCCT.

The original WATR-TV, channel 53 studio and transmitter building on West Peak in Meriden. The station operated out of this location from 1953 to 1965 when they moved to Prospect. 2009 photo.

Another view of the old WATR-TV studio on West Peak in Meriden. 2009 photo.

All that remains of the original WATR-TV channel 53 tower.  It was unceremoniously dumped in a ditch next to the building sometime in the sixties to make room for another tower. 2009 photo.

Close up of the top of the old West Peak WATR-TV tower. 

This 2009 photo is of the original WATR-TV 20 building on Peach Orchard Rd in Prospect.  A new front porch and a 2nd floor were added in the ninties.  The original channel 20 tower can be seen behind the building.

In the eighties channel 20 put up a tall tower behind their studio building and built the transmitter building seen in this 2009 photo.  Just a few weeks after this photo was taken channel 20 will be no more.

Channel 20's tower in Waterbury. 2009 photo.

The silent WTXX analog transmitter in Propect, about a month after it was shut down for good.

Equipment rack at WTXX's decommissioned analog site.  2009 Photo.


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