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    WDAK, 1150 AM, was licensed by the Hartford Courant on June 1, 1922, six months before Franklin Doolittle got his license for the station which would eventually become WDRC, making WDAK one of the first stations in the state. It operated with 100 watts of power.
    WDAK license was deleted in late 1924.

WDAK Hartford, CT
June 1, 1922,  360 meters (833kc) W72 40 23 N41 44 58
April 1, 1923  Service E (entertainment)
June 1, 1923  Change to 261m 1150kc
Feb. 1924 161m 100w entertainment
Sept. 2, 1924  License DELETED

Descriptions of some early WDAK programming:

Ever wonder what radio programming sounded like in Hartford 90 years ago? Here is a sample of the programming aired by WDAK, owned by The Hartford Courant which was one of CT's first stations.

6/4/22 - Three Orchestras perform at "the Courant" during Present Week Symphony Mandolins Transmit Splendidly Concert.

6/5/22 - The sending of fire alarm signals from Hartford to South Manchester over the radio broadcasting station equipment of "The Courant" was repeated yesterday after some improvements had been made in the receiving equipment at the South Manchester end, and the results were positive.

6/27/22 WDAK conducted an interesting experiment of relaying the address of Gugilelmo Marconi, the inventor of the wireless, which it received from the General Electric Company.

10/2/220 - The Colonial Male Quartet of Hartford, one of the leading musical organizations in the state and Lewis W. Ripley, well known amateur astronomer of Glastonbury, were on WDAK, "The Courant" radio station, last night, in celebration of the opening of the winter radio season.

9/6/22 - A new distance record for westward transmission was set by WDAK on Monday night Sept. 25, when the program was heard by J. F. Johnson, No. 501 Sheldon road, Grand Haven, Mich.

10/20/22 - WDAK's signal reached Kansas City, crossing the Mississippi River for third time in three weeks--another long distance record

10/29/22 - A celebration on Navy Day in Hartford was broadcast over WDAK.

Jan 26, 1923 - An informal program was presented at WDAK, "The Courant" station, last evening, in connection with the radio demonstration at the State Armory for the Connecticut Winter Exposition.

10/6/23 - Miss Emily Taylor, Soprano Soloist At the Strand Theater, will sing on WDAK.  Hartford Conservatory of Music Pupils to will also perform.

11/8/23 - A special radio program, in commemoration of Armistice Day, will be presented over Radiophone WDAK, "The Hartford Courant" broadcasting station, Saturday evening. It will consist of an appropriate musical entertainment and an address befitting the occasion.

From a 2010 family history written by Ed Daniel:

"Mary T. 'Minnie' (Grace) Crean played a part in CT radio broadcast history, performing (with her son John) on-the-air on July 1, 1922, a few weeks after the start-up of the first radio station in Hartford, WDAK, which was the third licensed station in CT.  She was featured soloist in "New Britain Night" concerts broadcast live from the Hartford Courant's pioneering "radio-phone" station (predecessor to WTIC) in 1922, 1923 and 1924.  In the latter broadcast she was joined by her sons John and Gerald who played and sang Irish melodies."

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