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WELI Technical
WELI has a proud tradition of technical excellence.  This section will showcase pictures of WELI's technical facilities over the years.

Originally WELI used only two towers as shown in the picture above from a 1940 promotional brochure.  This transmitter building sat where the current WELI studios are in Hamden.

QSL Verification card from 1947 indicating that WELI had an FM sister station on 95.1 MHz. Courtesy of Jack Miller.

Above: The device on the left was an "Audichron," a mechanical device that provided a time check to listeners who called "6-0112." 
   The gentleman in the middle  is Jack O'Neill who's title was "office boy" and who answered the phone after hours. The picture at the right shows "amplifiers and broadcast line equipment" c. 1940.

In the upper left you can see WELI's "Mobile Unit" which included "shortwave pickups."  In the lower right the station's chief engineer, J. Gordon Keyworth, is shown at his desk.  The lower middle picture shows two engineers working on equipment.  And on the lower right is amateur radio operator Owen McCabe.

WELI was one of the first in the state to adopt AM Stereo technology.

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