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        We are in need of historical information on WERB, the Berlin Board of Education station operating out of Berlin High School.

The earliest document available on the FCC database shows that the Commission issued a “License to Cover” on May 29, 1979 but we believe the station existed prior to that date.

        WERB operates on 94.5 MHz with 24 watts.

Contributor Steven Juengst recalls:
     "I was there when we were testing everything in September 1978. The original frequency was 89.9 FM. I think it was late 1980 we moved to 97.3 where we stayed for a number of years until WZBG came on and WERB had to move again. I was with the station until 1984. The station was on weekdays from 7am to 9pm, later if we were covering a Berlin High School sporting event. We played "beautiful music" til 2pm, then Top 40 til 9. Most notably I remember Dave Lounder (as Dave O'Brian) who went on to WNTY in Southington."

WERB Memories:

Steve Jay:  Great site! Brings back lotsa memories for me, having started at WERB, Berlin, CT in 1978. My path led me thru WNTY, WBIS, WWCO, WMMW, WNNR, WXCT, WDRC, and CT Radio Network, all the way to 2003. Currently, I'm doing some engineering & administrative work for WBCR, Great Barrrington, MA, and will be back on air with them soon. Never really left radio, just took a 7 year vacation.

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