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WFSB Technicial

In this 1957 photo of the transmitter building shared by WTIC radio and channel 3 you can see the new self-supporting TV tower directly to the left of the pine tree.  One of the WTIC-AM towers is in the background.

A channel 3 engineer can be seen monitoring equipment in this 1957 photo.

1957 Transmitter Site Master Control

Transmitter site master control, 2009

Transmitter building. Directly behind it is the self-supporting WFSB tower and in the background the west WTIC (AM) tower can be seen. 2009 photo.

WFSB's first DTV transmitter, channel 33.

Analog 60kW channel 3 transmitter system, 1999 photo.

New combination channel 3 and channel 33 antenna system on ground ready for installation. 2005 photo.

The photos above will serve to give you an idea of the size of a full power TV antenna that WFSB installed in 2005.  The two sections of pole, onto which the channel 3 and channel 33 antennas are mounted, go together, one on top of the other, and were then installed at the top of the WFSB 500' tower! Notice the climbing rungs along the side of the pole . . . those are there so that someone can climb up and replace the beacon at the top of the tower!

1968 picture of the TV tower with original Batwing antenna at the top.  Note "beam bender" reflector on the right of the tower about half way up.

Aerial photo of the Avon Mountain site looking north.  From L to R:  WTIC AM west tower, WFSB tower with WTIC-FM/WWUH tower in front, WTIC-AM east tower.  Across the street is the WUPN Channel 18 tower.

WFSB CP Antenna, used from the late eighties until the new combined channel 3/33 antenna was installed in 2005.

WFSB CP Antenna w/tower beacon.

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