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Historical photos of the installation of the WGLV-TV, Easton, PA. transmitter, tower and antenna.

From radio-info.com: 

he station, on Channel 57, was licensed to The Easton Publishing Company who, at the time, operated WEEX-FM (at 98.9-FM later moved to present day 99.9-FM) and owned The Easton (PA) Express. The station was in operation from about 1953 to 1958. From what I understand, its studios were located off PA 248 in Palmer Township near the present day Palmer Park Mall.

As you can tell from some of the photographs, the station was completely built with DuMont equipment and was a DuMont affiliate. It also broadcast some ABC programs at the time. The co-owned newspaper helped give the station some promotional support, but it never quite gained an audience due to the fact that it was on UHF and UHF tuners were rare to find in those days.

At the time, it was quite difficult to receive the Philadelphia television stations because their signals were blocked by South Mountain. In 1956, when the Philly stations moved their towers to their present location at Roxborough, this spelled the end of WGLV-TV. The station went dark by Summer of 1958 and the frequency (Channel 57) was assigned to Philadelphia. The Lehigh Valley gained its own television station in 1965 with WLVT-TV in Bethlehem and later in 1976 with WFMZ-TV, Channel 69."

If you look closely at the images below you'll find that two or perhaps even three different towers are represented:

  A 3-leg tower set in a clearing on top of a hill.
2.  A 3-leg tower, perhaps with the smaller face, set directly behind a small white building.
3.  A 4-leg tower, constructed of horizontal angle iron, behind a small building.

Help identifying these sites would be appreciated.

This appears to be a different tower.   Note the angle iron legs (vs. tubular for the other tower) and the right angle on the right indicating that this is probably a four legged tower, perhaps self supporting.  We're not sure what this site it but it was found along with the WGLV photo collection so we assume it is related.

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