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WHCN (W1XPW) Air Checks

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Air check from December 9, 1980, the day after John Lennon was shot.
Featuring newscaster Chip Triest. The newscast is followed by a ’Sixty-Seconds’ feature with comments about what John Lennon meant to people. The last segment is Tom Watts (Tom Yankowski) backselling a Beatles song and explaining that WHCN would leave the air for 10 minutes in accordance with Yoko Ono’s wish for 10 minutes of silence to remember John. There is also the sound of the station resuming broadcast after 10 minutes of silence with a track from the Double Fantasy Album.
Courtesy of Dan Hayden.

Eddie Haskell (Paul Resnick) and Irv Goldfarb inside the Hartford Civic Center in 1981 as The Rolling Stones came on stage. Eddie and Irv are on a telephone line and introduced by Paul Harris who was back at the station. WHCN was the official radio sponsor for that show.
Courtesy of Dan Hayden.

Back Row, L-R: ?, JoMarie, ?, Bob Bittons, Gary Horn, Laurie, Picozzi.
Front Row: ?, ?, Bassman, Diane, Kim, Screamer.

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