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Norwich, CT

    The 1947 CT State Register lists WNOC, Norwich, CT operated by the Norwich Broadcasting Co. with 250 watts of power on 1400 kHz.  Their top of the hour regular slogan was "WNOC, broadcasting from the heart of beautiful downtown Norwich."
     WNOC was originally located on the second floor of 91 Main Street, the old Porteous Mitchell Building, over the Sears Roebuck mail order store and the Western Union office.
    Personnel in 1947 included Jack Coombe, Phil Rubin and Lan Gordon.
    The call letters became WICH.
    The  frequency was changed to 1310 Khz freeing up 1400 for use in Willimantic.


Early transmitter site.

The pictures below are from our tour of the station on August 13, 2010.

WICH occupies this modern building along with WCTY, WKNL and WNLC-FM.  WICH's three towers are behind the building.


Just a few of the dozen or so equipment racks controlling and monitoring all four stations.

News Studio

The WICH facility included a sixties-era bomb shelter which has been converted into a contemporary production studio.  The building is below ground level, has extremely thick walls and ceiling, steel I beams in the ceiling and had a heavy steel door.

This studio was built in the old bomb shelter.

Another view of the bomb shelter studio.

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