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    The group that licensed WIHS was organized on December 2, 1962 as a non-profit corporation dedicated to the task of "reaching Connecticut's millions with the Gospel of Jesus Christ".  
    A Construction Permit (CP) was issued by the FCC on December 1, 1966 authorizing construction of the new station on 104.9 MHz. in Middletown.      
    Broadcasting was authorized by the FCC on September 3, 1969 and the station went on the air for the first time on October 10, 1969.
     A 1968 WIHS publication, pictured below, shows Herbert Korte, President; Alfred Thyberg, Secretary; Gerald Williams, Treasurer.



Exterior view of WIHS studio on Rt. 17

Bill Bacon in the WIHS Master Control room.

One of several production studios.

Another production studio.

Master Control racks.

Another production studio.

The pictures above are of the original WIHS transmitter site.  The 1,000 watt transmitter was contained in the white metal box shown above, and the 3-bay antenna was on an adjacent telephone pole.  The engineer had to stand on the playform w/out any protection from the elements to work on the transmitter.  2010 photos.

Transmitter site.

Harris HT-5 transmitter and associated equipment.

Tower base.

3 bay antenna.

New Harris Z-5 transmitter.

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