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    There seems to be some confusion about when 101.3 MHz in Hamden first came on the air.  There are several reports from reliable sources that list a WDEE-FM, 101.3 with a sign on date of 1968 yet the letter below indicates that the station's first broadcast was on Monday, February 10, 1969 at 3:36 pm.  Perhaps the letter below refers to the launch of the "WKCI" version of the station, and not the actual first use of the frequency?
     WDEE-FM orignally had its antenna in Hamden on one of the AM towers of WDEE (AM), now WQUN.  The building that housed the FM transmitter adjacent to the AM tower is long gone, all that remains of the FM at that site are the power lines leading out to where the tower used to be. 
     In any case when WKCI first came on the air they had a broadcast schedule from 8:45 am to midnight.  Neil I. Offek was the Program Director.

       For many years the WKCI antenna was located on a tower adjacent to the WTNH channel 8 tower on Mad Mere Mountain in Hamden.  In 2002(?) WKCI moved to a new facility a mile or so north of the channel 8 site.

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