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WKSS (WBMI) Technical

     From day one WBMI's transmitter and tower were on West Peak in Meriden, along with the transmitting facilities of WDRC, WHCN, WWYZ, WMRQ and WPKT.
    The studio building was also on West Peat at least until the mid-to late sixties with the main studio having a large window offering an incredible view to the SSW.

An inside view of the area of the old transmitter building where the WBMI studios were.

What we believe was WKSS's original tower on the right, with their current tower on the left.  The original tower held the station's 5-bay directional antenna and you can still see two of the bays on the right side.  In the eighties, owner Woody Tanger presided over the instalation of the tower on left.  Jim Perry was the chief engineer at the time.  By 1990 WKSS's main antenna was an ERI on the upper section of the pole on the left tower and their back up with the old directional antenna on the right tower.  Radio 104 moved onto the left tower in the eighties occupying the lower part of the pole. At that time they had a single bay on the pole on the right tower as a back up.
    In the picture above both stations have a single bay back up antenna on the left tower.

Another inside shot of the old WBMI tx building.

Note the mirror . . . this was probably the lavitory.

Exterior of the old WBMI/WKSS studio/transmitter building being renovated in the summer of 2009 for WMRQ.

The sealed window on the right was the original picture window in the main WBMI studio . . . the view from 1,000 feet above Meriden must have been amazing.

This huge, abandoned, concrete pad sits adjacent to the original WBMI building. It was constructed in the eighties to support a new tower for 93.7 which was never built.

Base of original WBMI tower on West Peak.  2009 photo.

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