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     The 1947 CT State Register lists WMMB, 1470 KHz, owned by Silver City Crystal Co. under construction.  The authorization is for 1000 watts, day-only.  The same souce indicates that the call letters WMMW the next year.  We're not sure whether the "WMMB" was a misprint or actual call letters.
    Interestingly, the same edition of the Register notes the authorization of a new FM station in Meriden with the same licensee as the above AM: 7,000 watts on 92.7 MHz. We don't know if this station was ever built.

WMMW Memories:

Robert Walter:
I was a part-time engineer for WMMW and a station you do not have listed (WXZR 98.7). The stations were owned and operated by Jeff Pescatello of Group-E Communications in the 90's. WMMW was an oldies automated station that broadcast the Stardust format. I don't have an exact date when Jeff took ownership. Jeff also started WXZR 98.7 FM which is now WNLC. WXZR broadcast the Z-Rock format, heavy metal. It was also another automated station. WXZR went on the air in the early 90s and ownership changed when Jeff sold the station to the owners of WNLC-AM and WTYD in the mid to late 90s. WNLC-AM had gone off the air before then but the WNLC call sign was resurrected at the ownership change to what it is today at 98.7.
Studios for Stardust WMMW 1470 and WXZR resided in East Lyme CT initially. WMMW transmitter site did not change and remains at the current location in Meriden. WMMW was then sold to the current owners sometime in the mid 90s. The WXZR studios moved from East Lyme to Long Hill Rd. in Groton CT.
Intially the WXZR transmitter site was located in downtown New London on Bank St. It shared a tower with a 2-way communications company for a brief period at this location but moved because of interference issues in the surrounding neighborhood. Antenna height was 70ft. The 70ft
height was a deteriment to the station. The transmitter was relocated on the WQGN/WSUB tower near the submarine base in Groton CT in the mid 90s with an increased height and broader coverage. WXZR was authorized for 10K watts. It operated to 7.5K watts.

1978 logo.

WMMW Transmitters


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