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Contributor Robert Paine:  "WNHC radio was one of the few stations to start ops during World War 2. The New Haven studios of WICC-the Yankee Network at 1110 Chapel Street were purchased and the station began operations in 1944. Channel 8 then started there and at some point, the radio side moved to a house near the 1110 site."

Bob Radil writes:  "In 1979 WNHC attempted to return to a top 40 format. Lee Roberts was the PD, Frank   (Franco) Davis was the MD,  Bob Radio  was the CE. The top 40 started around June 20, 1979. The intention was to go up against the very successful WAVZ. Nearly equal signals, nearly equal sound, but they had a surprise. 3 weeks later, July 13th, WAVZ and WKCI swapped formats, leading to the birth of KC101. WNHC didn't stand a chance, especially with very little promotion. In March 1980 WNHC went Urban(R&B), a format it stuck with until the end in June 1998. The station went out of business and the licence aquired by Yale Broadcasting Corp. and became WYBC-AM.
     The studio location in the 70s through the late 80s was 129 College St. The next location was Washington Ave. in North Haven. In late 1996 the studios moved to Whalley Ave. New Haven and operated there for the last year and a half of existance."

Ed Caputo:  I started in June of 1950 as staff announcer on AM/FM. Worked with Joe Francis,Sid Jaffee,Larry O'Brien Romano, Dave Kiernan. Also did TV weather for Old Gold Cigarettes.
Called to active duty US Army from Feb '51 to Oct '53. Produced radio shows with Pfc Vic Damone and th Fourth Army Band. Returned to create and host "Top 20 Club" until 1960   when I became News Director for AM. FM was by then automated tape.
     Recalled to active duty Oct 62 and served in Vietnam. Upon return to Pentagon in 67 was producer of Army series "The Big Picture" and later chief of radio for Army Broadcast Service of AFRTS.
     Of note, was that WNHC AM went Italian Language week-days from 9 am to 12 noon. Aldo DeDomincis (owner) had many contacts which made station profitable enough to gamble on starting Connecticut's first TV station.

Courtesy of Ed Brouder

1967 Ad

1959 Dan Ingram Air Check, courtesy of Bill Dillane

WNLC Memories:

Bob Dark:  I was there at the very beginning or pretty close to the very beginning! Was to have started on Monday, October 4th, 1971 but, was asked to start on Sunday evening, October 3rd after signing off the air at "The Boss 1340/WNHC as Bud Stone that afternoon!

Anon:  Worked WNHC AM/FM/TV from May 19 50 to Feb '51. Break to serve in Army. Returned Oct 53 to Oct 62 as Top 20 Club Host then News Director. Prior to that on WHUS at Storrs.

Lois Kester Jason:  I have a PROGRAM SCHEDULE from WNHC the month of October. No year; I assume it is from late 1940's. My late brother, Howard Kester had a program THE BIRTHDAY CLUB from 8 to 8:15 a.m. I would love to give this schedule to the Archive. Anyone remember him? Please contact me. I live in Hamden.

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