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There isn't much information on this station which apparently was built but never went on the air.

WONS-FM was to be the sister station to WONS (AM), licensed to General Teleradio but it never went on the air. Instead, WONS 1410 merged with the defunct WTHT 1230 to create WGTH radio (1410 Khz), and from that was spawned WGTH-TV, channel 18.

Contributor Bill Davies:
"The original CP for 102.9 was issued circa 1948 to WONS-FM, which constructed a tower and building. The latter was the somewhat standard RKO General stations’ design for its transmitter buildings. These structures were brick, with a curved front corner and accompanying translucent glass blocks forming a “curved” window. The design survives at the WPOP-1410 transmitter site in Newington.
page from the 1948 CT State Register & Manual listed WONS-FM’s authorized power as 10,200w. With the advent of TV, the FM returned its unbuilt CP, and the building and tower lay dormant for several years before becoming the first transmitter site of WGTH, Hartford's channel 18. The merger of WONS-1410 and WTHT-1230 had resulted in the creation of WGTH-1410 and WGTH-TV-18, with 1230 leaving the air.
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