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    We hope to have extensive historical information on these two stations available soon.

    WPKT first came on the air was WPBH in June 1978 on 90.5 MHz. with a transmitter site in Middlefield, CT and studios at the Connecticut Public Broadcasting facility on Summit Street in Hartford.
    In 1981 WNPR came on the air from Norwich.
    The call letters were changed to WPKT in 1984.
    Due to coverage problems in the Hartford are the transmitter was moved to West Peak in Meriden.
    In 2005 WPKT's studios were moved to 1049 Asylum Avenue in Hartford.

    Paul Taft recalled in 2009:

    "Was much involved in all phases of the start up of WPBH (FM) 6/11/78. That was the third broadcast station in which I was  involved in the development and “hitting the air” - WTVP-TV Decatur, Ill., WMVS-TV, Milwaukee, And WPBH-FM.   Tried to get the call letters - WNPR for the new station, but WPLR in Hamden objected and the FCC upheld their objection…. Great help from Gov. Grasso who asked about “progress” on Lew Rome’s suggestion that we get into Public Radio.  Told her “insufficient funds” - she put capital money in the State Budget for us.  We were able to use 90.5 which was being used by a group in New Haven to re-transmit  the signal WFCR in Amherst Massachusetts. Gov. Grasso spoke by tape at the inauguration of the station……Without my knowledge, Board Chairman Homer Babbidge succeeded in having the FCC  change the WPBH  call letters to WPKT (granted by FCC 3/19/84).

·         Over NPR’s (Frank Mankiewicz) objection got WNPR call letters for Norwich station.  Frank had hoped to start an NPR flagship station in Washington and, of course, wanted to use the call letters WNPR."

1994 photo

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