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100.5 MHz, Hartford

WRCH Staff 1954 – 1969

Management:  Aldo DeDaminacus – Owner, Charles M. Bell – Manager, Ed Oberest – Manager and Enzo DeDaminacus – manager.

Sales/Financial:  Tony Pussart, Geroge Workrot, Charles Bell, Howard Rye, Phil Farguto (accounting).

Engineering/Production/News:  Randy Lotane, Bob Sirkin, Larry Buck, Steve Norris, Johnny Dyno, Hillis Holt.

Announcing:  Ed Harrington, Phil Hale, Ben Hawthorne, Jeff Spourk, Bob Reagan, Johnny Dyno (Polka), Hermie Dressel (also P.D.), Walter Carlson, Craig Senior, Patti Lauaur (jazz), Bernie Moran (society and better living), Fred Swanson and George Lorenze (the original “Hound Dog” on WHAY c. 1958), Don Blair, Del Racey, Gene Orlan (Polish).

Receptionist/Secretary:  Sue Tanguay, Pat Prior, Carol Ginsberg, Miss. Jay Lybel, Jackie Gallo (singer).

Above:  Artists conception of new WRCH/WRCH-FM studio/office complex at 130 Birdseye Rd, Farmington known as "Radio Towers Park". 1967 postcard.

1971 Ad featuring Quadrophonic Sound, courtesy of Ed Brouder

    We are looking for information on the early history of WRCH.  
    In February. 1963, WRYM (AM) in Newington received a Contruction Permit (CP) for a new FM station on 100.5 but they never built the station.  There is speculation that the CP was sold to the DeDeminicus family who apparently were the first owners of WRCH-FM.

This Construction Permit was issued to WRYM (AM) in February, 1963 for a new FM station on 100.5 Mhz.  WRYM never built the station but we believe this was the beginning of WRCH-FM.


Automation System, 1975


Looking down from the top of the tower that supports the WRCH antenna along with many others.

Important note:  Researching radio broadcasting history can be a lot of fun but it is important to keep in mind that broadcast facilities such as this one take security very seriously and have extensive security procedures and systems in place to protect their sites. The pictures below were taken on an authorized tour.  This facility is posted and people attempting to gain access to the site will be detained and subject to arrest for trespassing.

All that remains of the original WRCH transmitter building on Rattlesnake Mountain in Farmington.

Old transmission line supports at the first WRCH Rattlesnake Mtn facility.

The base of the original Rattlesnake Mtn tower used by WRCH from the early seventies through 1984 when they moved onto the WTIC-TV tower.

Engineer Lee Steele working on the WRCH-FM auxiliary transmitter on Rattlesnake Mountain, probably around 2001.

Joan Dylan on the air on WRCH, 2010.

Remote broadcast from Bushnell Memorial.

Seventies pictures below:

WRCH Program Director - 1972


WRCH Automation.

AM transmitter on left, FM on right.

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