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Dennis Jackson provided the following information about 850 KHz in Ridgefield, CT:

    "It began as a 3-tower 1 kW-DA application protecting 860/WOWW in Naugatuck, and in ultimately received a CP for 500 Watts non-DA after WOWW move to 1380.     Original "WVFR" calls stood for the "Voice of Fairfield County from Ridgefield" as chosen by Ridgefield real estate
entrepreneur Bart Salerno and Ed Perry, partners in "Radio Ridgefield."
    They battled for years against efforts by WLAD, WMMM, and WNLK to prevent 850 from getting on the air.    To overcome a "suburban rule" issue raised by these competitors, the station was originally licensed to "Ridgefield Center," which was basically a sewer taxing district.  We bought the CP and hit the air on 3/15/85 as "The Station Of The Year - AM 85 WREF" (for "Radio Eight Fifty" or "Radio Eighty Five", or RidgEField").  Using Jim Nettleton's "PrimeTime" MOR format, we hit a 7.2 12+ in Danbury within a year.    Increases to 1 kW and then 2.5 kW followed in 1986 and 1993, and we relicensed it to Ridgefield.     
    We sold in it 1995, and it was sold again in 1997, ironically to WLAD, which now operates it 100% automated using Scott Shannon's "True Oldies Channel" in AM Stereo."
WREF airstaff in 1995.  (L to R) News Director Gary Christopher, Morning Host Bob Stanhope, VP/Progr
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