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WSHR (Pirate)

Call     Freq       Location           Years            Notes
WSHR 87.9 AM  East Hartford    1973-1976      
WSHR  97.3 FM  Manchester        1976-1983    
It all started with a tour of the WDRC studios with a friend in 1973 (I was 13YO), then I purchased an AM 5 Watt transmitter.  Within weeks a local HAM Operator Expert picked me up on his AM radio and visited my studio (pic attached - mixer was purchased from WINF's moving sale).  He was impressed by how professional we sounded.  He boosted my little AM transmitter with an add-on additional 50 Watts.   From the top of Sunset Hills, handing out hundreds of flyers and broadcasting every evening Monday- Friday, I suddenly became popular in school and no longer shy.  Top 40 Rock
Moving to Manchester, switching to FM Stereo, and broadcasting on Saturday late afternoons and evenings.  Our transmitters ranged from 25-375 watts.  Again, high altitudes of the homes I lived in assisted with the range.  We received calls from Massachusetts and even Vermont. This opened the opportunity to met other pirate radio stations, invites to outrageous parties, groupies, local bands, meet great friends and even how I met my wife!  We even had a praise from Arbitron Ratings.  Manchester Studio picture also attached.  I used the air name - Greg Allan

WSHR 1976

WSHR 1978

WSHR 1979

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