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Ivor and Beth Hugh on WHNB, 1973. Ed Brouder photo.

Bobby Caldwell running camera, 1973. Ed Brouder photo.

New News Set

In July, 2009 WVIT moved into a new facility adjacent to their old building on New Britain Avenue in West Hartford. On August 22, 2009, we got a chance to tour the old building and take some pictures.  The old building was scheduled to be demolished in a few weeks.

We're not sure of the significance of the "WVIT Wall" but in our tour of the old building a few weeks before it was scheduled to be demolished we figured we could take a picture of it for posterity. Perhaps a current or former WVIT staffer can shed some light on what this means.

One of the rack rooms being decommissioned in the old New Britain Ave studio.

The photo below is of the old film processing area in the old building.  Prior to the use of videotape TV stations use 16mm movie film which had to be processed in house.

I was given a chance to take one last set of interior photos of the old WVIT building on October 9, 2009.  The buliding was practically being demolished around me was I took the photos below.  J. Ramsey

The old main entrance.

Looking towards the west from what was the main studio.

This picture was found on the floor of the studio.

Looking through the garage doors into the old studio.


Old audio console, abandoned in place.

Plaque found in the old WVIT studio.

WVIT Memories:

Larry Kratka

I worked at Ch 30 from roughly 1972 to 1978 in the production department under Phil Mikin...who now does a daily talk show on WDRC-AM. I worked with Beth and Ivor Hugh, Bill Hennessey and Penny Robbie on the news set and other great guys like engineers Bobby Caldwell, Mark Chase and Joe Dimaggio. It was because of Joe that I entered the world of ham radio. Also worked with the late Denis Sedory, a director for several years before his untimely death. I left Ch. 30 in 1978 to pursue a radio career in Fort Pierce, Florida. I'm still doing radio news....only now in Pittsfield, MA at WUPE/WBEC.

Dan Sage

When I was a kid my grandfather did work for WKNB TV & Radio / WRYM/ WNBC-TV & WHNB-TV/30 although he was not employed by them he was their Graphic Artist,& set builder. It is great to see that WVIT saved some of his signs displayed on your websight Also WRYM still uses the logo he design back in 1960

WVIT (WHNB) Memories

Bill Dillane:
Channel 30, had a Channel 79 translator on WATR-TV's tower in Prospect from 1964 until 1966.  These two 1964 display ads are from the Waterbury Sunday Republican TV section.  WATR-TV switched from ABC to NBC in the summer of 1966, and WHNB moved Channel 79 to Torrington.

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