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WWUH 1970 - 1979 Gallery
A comprehensive history including over 1200 photos and more than 400 pages of written documentation of WWUH can be found at:

Above:  The late Ken Kalish, WWUH's second General Manager.

Above: Micky McClusky(?) in the WWUH air studio c. 1970.  Note the Sparta console which was later moved into Production when the station acquired the new Fairchild console.

Above:  Opera Masterpiece host Tibor Banlaki in the WWUH production studio, probably around 1971.  Note the stereo cart recorder above the console.  WWUH was the first stereo educational station in New England and one of the first in Hartford to have stereo carts.

Above: Unidentifed announcer in WWUH production studio, probably around 1971. 

Top:  WWUH air studio, 1974. Judy Corcoran in window.

2:  Renovated Production Studio, 1979.

3:  Production Studio, 1972.

Bottom:  View of Hartford from top of Gengras tower.  Ward College in foreground.

  Joel Salkowitz, Marsha Lasker and Jim McGivern.

Top:  Rick Kellman, Bob Gross, Shelly Hasman, Bill ?, Mike Plen. 1978.

Middle:  Maceo Woods and Mel Yates. 1972.

Bottom:  Mimi Spillane's Ecom:  Charlie Allen, John Anderson, Mimi, ?, Mel Yates and Steve Shore. 1974.

Above:  Self portrait of Mel Yates, GM.

Above:  Steve Shore, Mimi Spillane and Mel Yates at Hartford Civic Center remote broadcast, 1972.

Above:  Michael Cummings and Judy Corcoran.

Marty Peshka, Patty Kurlychek. 1979.
 Steve Nichols, GM and Rick Virillo, PD. 1978/79

Above;  Tina Podlowski, Fred Hull and Marty Peshka, 1979.

Above:  Engineer Dave Gardiner on the Gengras Tower.

Above: The late Terry Weichand on the air, 1979.

Upper:  Jim McGivern, Chief Engineer, 1977.
Bottom: Joel Salkowitz, Program Director, 1977-1978.

Above:  Doug Maine, Community Affairs Director, 1978.

Above:  1979 management team, L-R:  Dan Kriwitski, News Director, Joanne Bilotta, Classics Direcctor, Paul Zulpa, Assistant Chief Engineer, John Ramsey, Chief Engineer, Patty Kurlychek, General Manager, Tina Podlowski, Director of Development, Hector Hannibal, Miinority Affairs Director, Dave Von Kleist, Production Director.

Above:  Mel Yates on WWUH, 1971.


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