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WWUH 1980 - 1989 Gallery
A comprehensive history including over 1200 photos and more than 400 pages of written documentation of WWUH can be found at:

Above:  Staff photo, early 80's.  Seated, L-R:  Carol Bozena, Mark Santini, Gary Levin, Don Harris, ?, Bill Cunninghim, Doug Maine, Bill Domler, Vijay Dixit, Felix Viera, Pete Beneski, ? Next row:  Wayne Jones, John Greene, Alan Livermore, Dave Agasi, Terry Weichand, Tom Kelly, Linda Wentworth, Paul Bezanker, Nay Nasser, ?, Tony Magno, ? Grant Miller, ? Next row:  Frank Butash, Carol Veoth, Bob Lee, ?, Pete Burlk, Fran Cmara, Joe Inc, ?, Tanya Weiman, ?, Dawn Finnemore, Keith Brown, ?, Lee Courtney, Carlo Magno, ?, JJ Henriques.
Back row:  Bill Yourman, Peter Michaelson, ?, Eric Korneaski, John Ramsey, Carol Stevens. Alison Maslow, Vinny Fuerst, Ken Karpowitz, ?, Mike DeRosa, Valerie Zars, ?, ?, Harvey Jassem, ?, Jim Mercek, Carol Miller, Stuart Wertner, Janet Bilan, Henrique Ribeiro.

Above:  1983 staff meeting.  Front row, seated, L to R:  Jack Parmele, Dale Maine, Mike Scanlon, Jeff Becker, Marisa Donza, Rich Brkich, Bruce Kampe.
Standing:  Ken Karpowitz, Maurice Robertson, Keith Btown, Terry Weichand, ?, Dave Viveiros, Wendy Weichand, JJ Henriques, Vic Vincze, ?, Will Young, Peter Michaelson, John Ramsey, Valerie Zars, Bart Bozzi, Susan Mullis, Bob Lee, Will Zachman, ?, Tracy Leuteritz. Corrections welcome. 

Above:  Evenings Classics host Bob Martin. 1988.

Above:  Live Bluegrass broadcast from Gengras produced by Bluegrass host Country Crash Jim Douglas featuring Travor Hollow. 1986.

Above:  Community Affairs Director Alan Livermore in the production studio.

Above:  Jeff Winn doing a live remote from the WWUH picnic, 1979.

Above:  Assistant Chief Engineer Dave Viveiros doing maintenance on the UH air board, 1983.

Above:  General Manager Rob Rosenthal, 1984.

Above: Program Director and Business Manager Art Greene, 1987.

Above:  Rebuilt production studio, 1982.

Above: Dan King interviews "60 Minutes" host Ed Bradley at UH.

 Gothic host Drew Glacken.

Above:  1985 staff reunion. IDs needed.

Above:  Tim Costa, host of Synthesis featuring House Music. 1989.
 Gary Levin, Business Manager, 1987.

Above:  Tina Podlowski, Development Director, Fred Hull, Production Director and Marty Peshka, Operations Director, 1980.

 Stuart Werner, Prog. Dir with Frank Butash, 1986.
 Mark Greenland, MD with Kim Eaton, Business Mgr, 1987.

Above:  Stewart Werner on the air.  1985.

Above:  DJ Tony Grant, 1984.

Above:  1986 staff meeting.  Kneeling, L-R:  Ed McKeon, Frank Butash, Tom Bowman.  Seated:  Phillip Neufville, Bill Cunningham.  Next row:  Georgette Nemr, Andy Winters, Stuart Werner, Susan Mullis, Donna Giddings, Eric Kronasik,  Bart Bozzi, Chuck Dube, Terry Weichand, ?, Dave Zaluda, Cheree Heppee, Mark Melnick, Keith Barrett.
Back row:  Carol Stevens, Grant Miller, John Ramsey, ?, Alison Maslow, Tanya Weiman, Gary Levin, Peter Burkl, ?, Linda Wentworth, Tom Kelly.

Above:  L to R:  Gary Levin (Business Manager), JR, John Longobardi (Community Affairs Dir.) Don Harris Operations Director) and Carol Stevens (Dir. of Development) celebrate the success of marathon 1986.

Above:  Vanessa Coooper, Evening Classics, 1989.

Above:  Brad Regaglia, Synthesis host. 1983.

Above:  Sean and Maureen Brennan in the production studio, 1989.

Jazz host Jim Bolan

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