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WWUH 2000 - 2009

Upper:  Chris Heerema, Program Director, 2005 - 2009 and beyond?
Bottom:  Business Manager Mary Dowst.

Above:  Nicole Godburn, Program Dir, 2001.  R: Bonnie Hast and Colin Tipton.

Above:  Just a small section of the music library.

Above:  Heather and Kate Horrigan, Operations Director. 2003.

Upper:  At Large Member Jim Christensen with Susan Mullis, Dir. of Dev.
Lower:  Stephanie does her first show during Marathon '09.

Above:  Photos from Marathon 09, top to bottom:
Peter Rost.
Newest training graduates.
Phone Opeators.
Post Marathon Party.
Wayne Jones.
Kevin O'Toole and Keith Brown.

Above:  2001 Engineering Staff:  Chris Larsen, Bonnie Hast, JR and Chris Marti.

Above:  Kate Horrigan with Heerema's pet snake, 2005.

Above:  Staff awards: Bill Meason, Maurice Robertson, Stuart Feldman, Terry Weichand, Doug Maine, Harvey Jassem, Chuck Obuchowski, Larry Bilanski.

Above:  Dwight Thurston holding pledges during Marathon '04.

Above:  John Holder.

Above:  Office manager. 2000 - 2008.

Above:  Philip Mitchell.

Above:  The late Al Dzikas, host of the Lithuanian Show (2007 photo).

Above:  2008 staff meeting: 
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