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WWUH 2000 - 2009 Gallery

Above: Joan Holiday,  host of "The Happy Club," and Kris Powell, Operations Director, at 35th Anniversary celebration, 2003.

Above:  Award recipients:  L-R, Bill Measom, Maurice Robertson, Stuart Feldman, Terry Weichand, Doug Maine, Harvey Jassem, Larry Bilansky.

Above: Engineering staff:  Chris Larsen, Bonnie Hast, John Ramsey, Chris Marti, 2001.

Above: Friday Synthesis host Dwight Thurston displays Marathon Pledges. '03.

Above:  Heather and Kate Horrigan, Operations Director. 2004.

 Harvey Jassem, Jazz Director, 2000.


Top: Peter Rost doing Thursday FM On Toast. 2009

Middle:  Jim Christenson, At Large Member and Susan Mullis, Dir of Dev. 2008

Bottom:  Steve Theaker and Peter Rost. 2009

Top:  January 09 Training Graduates:  Cat, Joe, Nick and Stephanie.

Bottom:  Marathon 09 phone operators.

Top:  Post Marathon 09 party at Bertucci's.

Middle:  Jim Mercik performs live on Ed McKeon's FM On Toast Show, 2009.

Bottom:  Wayne Jones during Marathon 09.

Top:  2008 General Staff Meeting.

Bottom:  Program Director Mark Helpern, 2007.

Top:  Recording Engineers Chris Larsen and Kevin Lynch, 2005.

Middle: Heather and Kate Horrigan-Op Director, 2005.

Bottom:  Operations Director Marissa Lindgren, 2006.

Upper:  Kevin O'Toole and Keith Brown, 2004.

Lower: Kate Horrigan with Chris Heerems's snake. 2005.

 Bonnie Hast and Colin Tipton. 2002. 
Nicole Godburn, PD

Bottom: Business Manager, Mary Dowst. 2006.

Chris Heerema, Program Director, 2005 - 2009.

October, 2009, engineers Dave Gardiner, Chris Larsen and Dave Viveiros demolishing the old air studio.

Part of the engineering crew that renovated the complete studio in just a long weekend. L-R Dave Gardiner, Ryan Gilligan-Ramsey, Chris Larsen, Chris Heerema and Dave Viveiros.  Not sure Chris Marti and John Ramsey. 2009

The finished product.

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