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WWUH Studios 1968 -2009
    On this page we will take a look at WWUH studios over the years.

Above:  Station founder Clark Smidt and unidentified DJ in WWUH's for air studio with homebuilt console. 1968.

Above:  WWUH-AM (campus only) studio, adjacent to the FM studio.  5 channel Sparta board and RCA 77DX microphone, what a combination!

Above:  Early production studio, 1970?  Note state of the art Scully 280B tape decks.

Above:  Production studio, early seventies, with your host, Mel Yates.  A Bogan mixer had been added to the left of the Sparta "console" for additional mic inputs.  Note turntable on left mounted in sand-filled pedistal.

Above:  Air studio, 3:23 pm, 1970.

Above:  News booth. 1971.

Above:  Production studio, early seventies.  Same Sparta console which started our in the air studio.

Above:  Air studio being renovated, 1972. Production was just beyond glass.

Above:  Air studio, probably around 1975.  Judy Corcoran is visible through window to production.  Having the remote control and the monitors directly above the operator was very convenient and freed up space below for studio equipment.

Above:  Air studio with new Fairchild slide-pot console, serial number 1.  Note state of the art Technics SP-10D turntables.

Above:  Production studio, 1979.  New Autogram console with outboard Yamaha mixer for additional mic inputs for interviews.  Turntables upgraded to to line Technics SP-10Ds.

Above:  Dave Viveiros's recently renovated production Studio. 1982.  Auxiliary equipment such as limited, EQ and splice finder mounted above turntables.  Note high intensity lighting above turntables, very handy!


Above:  Air studio, 1984.  The Ampex 351 tape deck with solid state electronic retrofit was still used daily for the playback of public affairs programs.

Above:  Air studio, 1985.  Note remote controlled Revox CD player in rack behind announcer Bob Martin.  This was the first year WWUH had a CD player.  Also note new QEI modulation monitor at top of the rack.

Above:  Tony Grant in 1986 air studio in Gengras.

Above:  Production studio, 1985.  Alan Livermore, Community Affairs Dir.

Above:  Nearly complete News Studio, 1993, using McCurdy console out of WSPR in Springfield.
Above:  Brand new air studio in the Harry Jack Gray Center, 1989.  Note the Technics 1300 CD player on the counter in front of the cart rack. Soon there would be a second added.

Above:  Production studio, 2006, including PC for Adobe Audition and Mackie powered monitors.


Above:  Stephanie in air studio, 2009.

New Air Studio, October, 2009.
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