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WWUH Technical

Above:  WWUH air board built in-house. 1968 photo.

Above:  WWUH-AM, carrier current on campus at 640 Khz.  1970 photo.

Above:  Production Studio, 1970.

Above:  Air studio, c. 1971.

Above:  WWUH's second air board, a Fairchild, serial number one! Maceo Woods at the controls in 1973.

Above:  Engineer Dave Gardiner adjusting an antenna on the STL tower, 1982.
Above:  Air studio renovation in 1972.

Above:  New air studio in Gengras Student Union, 1979.

Above:  New production studio in 1982.

Above:  WWUH auxiliary antenna, 2007 (you should see the main antenna!)

Above:  Brand new air studio in the Harry Jack Gray Center, 1989.

Above:  New News Studio, 1995.

Above: View of Hartford from the original FM tower on Gengras.

Above:  Production studio, 2005.

Above:  The WWUH transmitter building in 1935 where it started life as a tuning house for the first WTIC-AM antenna on Avon Mountain.  The two towers supported a horizontal antenna for WTIC with a vertical wire leading from the center of the antenna to the top of the wooden building.

Above: Engineer Stuart Yeager installing WWUH's FM antenna (white object, lower left) at the 100' level on Channel 3's weather radar tower" in 1973.  The move of the station's antenna from the campus to Avon Mountain increased the station's coverage dramatically.

Above: Studio to Transmitter microwave relay rack in Gengras, 1977.

Above:  WWUH transmitter site, 1979.
Above: WAbove:  WWUH's 3-bay antenna on Avon Mountain, 1973.

Above: New antenna being hoisted up the WTIC-FM tower in 1994.

Above:  Antenna being installed at the 330' level.

Above: Base of the tower with WWUH shack in the background.

Above:  Listener who is excited about new WWUH signal!

Above: WWUH antenna, the two black objects, upper right, 1100 feet above sea level.
Above: Engineer Dave Gardiner mixing Folk Next Door II, 1994.
Above: Engineer Dave Viveiros in the WWUH recording studio, 1994.

Above: Photo of the WWUH tower (center) from the air.

Floor plan of WWUH's studios, 1970

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