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(This section is under construction. The text below is a draft history, more information is needed.  Please contact us with corrections, updates and/or suggestions. Email us at: admin@hartfordradiohistory.com.)
    It wasn't until 1961 when Waterbury got its own FM station in the form of WATR-FM, 92.5 Mhz. The station was owned by the Gilmore family as a sister to WATR and WATR-TV (now WTXX).  The transmitter occupied the channel 53 building on West Peak in Meriden and shared a tower with that station.
    In 1972 WATR-FM became WENU (for "We 'N You at 92"). In 1973 the call letters were changed to WWYZ with the on air slogan "Music Lover's WISE Choice".   
    In June 1976 WWYZ switched to "YZ the Natural 92 FM" as a "laid back and mellow" soft rock station. This format lasted about 5 years.  The slug line was later changed to Lite-92.5.  This change to a mix of contemporary hits and oldies didn’t help the sagging ratings.
    In the late seventies WWYZ errected a new, higher tower on West Peak in Meriden for its antenna and also leased space on the tower to Waterbury's WIOF.
    Various attempts to meet new competitors in the adult contemporary arena fell short between 1981 and 1988.
    On September 1, 1988, the station switched to a Country music format, making it the only FM station in Connecticut with a wide reach to adopt this format full-time.
    In the 90s WWYZ constructed yet another tower and transmitter building on West Peaking, retaining the old facility as a back-up. 
    In October, 1996 the Gilmore family, which had owned the station since day one, sold the station to SFX Broadcasting for $25.5M and in 1998 the studios were moved to the first floor of 10 Columbus Blvd in Hartford, joining stations co-owned stations WMRQ, WHCN, WPOP and WKSS at that location.
    WWYZ was sold to Clear Channel Communications 2000(?).

Additional notes:
1961  WATR-FM  early simulcasts
Separate at 5pm with Portuguese progamming in the late 60s.
Soft rock, WWYZ. Naturnal 92  1st day of Summer 1976.  
Walt Pinto (Kent Clark) PD. John Saville. "Light and Easy.
Jack Craterville, morning.  Jack Becker, afternoons.
Skip Franko overnights.


WWYZ air studio, 2010.

WWYZ's sister stations.

Technical Operations Center - Clear Channel Hartford

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