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    Aldo DeDominicis and Patrick Goode started WNHC-AM.
    Dan Ingram began his career in New Haven, Connecticut at WNHC-AM in 1958.
    WNHC shared a building with Alling Rubber Company on Oak Street in New Haven.
    In 1974 WNHC begins morning all-news program, first in state.
    In February 1998, WNHC, owned by Willis Communications, was  operating under Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.  That same month, nearly 100 marchers joined Greater New Haven Clergy Association presidentactivist Rev. Al Sharpton to support the acquisition of WNHC by Buckley Broadcasting Corp. rather than by the Yale Broadcasting Company Inc. 
    On October 5, 1998 the call letters changed to WYBC-AM.

    In March, 2011 the station replaced the temporary long wire antenna they had been using since their tower had fallen down several year prior with a Valcom fiberglass antenna.

85 ft tall, 18 inch diam at the base (roughly).
Epoxy and fiberglass construction with epoxy paint.

This is what the top of the
antenna looks like.  The
manufacturer call it a 
"Valcosphere",  which provides
top loading.

Above pictures by Bob M.

the three loop capacitive top-loading contraption on top of the antenna is called a "Valcosphere", not a "Valcomsphere". There' no "M" in the name of that device

Above photos courtesy of Bob Meister.

Above photos courtesy of Bob Meister.

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