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Preserving the History of Connecticut Radio and TV
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Hartford Radio
Author: John Ramsey
ISBN: 9780738576664
# of Pages: 128
Publisher: Arcadia Publishing

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Book Description:

Radio broadcasting has been an integral part of the history of Hartford since the early part of the 20th century. WDRC was the state’s first station (1923), and they helped pioneer FM radio technology in the early 1940s. Many Hartford residents learned about the end of World War II via radio, and the medium played a key role in keeping people informed during the floods of 1938 and 1955, the Cuban Missile Crisis, and the great Northeast Blackout of 1965. Surprisingly, Hartford, the capital of “the land of steady habits,” saw two stations break from the pack to help bring the British Invasion to the state in the early 1960s. And thousands of schoolchildren eagerly listened to WTIC’s legendary Bob Steele on wintery mornings as they excitedly awaited school closing announcements. Hartford Radio offers a glimpse into the history of the area’s broadcast stations and the people who ran them.

Author Bio: John Ramsey grew up listening to Hartford radio and has been involved in the industry as a broadcast engineer since 1978. He is currently general manager of WWUH at the University of Hartford, chief engineer of WCCC, president of the Torrington Community Radio Foundation, licensee of WAPJ in Torrington and webmaster of hartfordradiohistory.com.

Over 200 historic images, 128 pages. Only $21.95.

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Please note:  Researching broadcast history can be a lot of fun but it is important to keep in mind that broadcast facilities such as the ones shown on this site take security very seriously and have extensive security procedures and systems in place to protect their sites. These pictures were taken on an authorized tours or from public areas.  Security measures might include guard patrols, CCTV, FLIR and motion and/or vibration detectors, etc.
  Most broadcast sites are posted which means persons attempting to access them will be detained and subject to arrest for trespassing on the first offense.

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 Long before MP3 files and streaming services, people found out about new music almost exclusively through listening to the radio. Before television, radio was also a prime source for people to hear about breaking news events. In that era, radio stations broadcast dramas, comedies, and other entertainment programs, long before they were a staple of television programming.

People had favorite radio stations they listened to and radio disk jockeys didn't just play records, they were celebrities who had fans, just like the recording artists they featured on their shows.

Since 2005, WWUH has recorded interviews with over 120 disk jockeys, radio engineers, and behind-the-scenes people who remember those years of radio in Connecticut. We've also scoured websites, libraries, basements and garages to turn up vintage tapes and transcription disks from those years.

The result is CONNECTICUT RADIO MEMORIES - a series looking back at Connecticut’s radio stations, focusing on the years 1922 to 1980 and featuring stories from people behind the microphones and behind the scenes.

The series is divided into ten episodes. Each episode runs from between 85 to 95 minutes and focuses on a particular radio station or group of stations.

For five consecutive weeks, beginning September 9, 2015, two episodes will run back-to-back each Wednesday afternoon from 1PM to 4PM on WWUH.

WEEK 1 – SEPTEMBER 9, 2015 (EPISODES 1 &2)

EPISODE 1 - Doolittle's Dream and Parker's Promise - The story of Connecticut's oldest radio station – WDRC AM.

EPISODE 2 - Static Free - The story of Hartford's Oldest FM station, and other FM stations in Hartford, that didn't have AM counterparts. This includes WHCN, WWUH, WRTC, WJMJ, WFNQ/WSCH/WLAE/WLVH, WPBH/WPKT/WNPR, and WHUS.

WEEK 2 – SEPTEMBER 16, 2015 (EPISODES 3 &4)

EPISODE 3 – Radio Under the Umbrella Part 1 – The radio stations of the Travelers Insurance Company (WTIC AM and FM)

EPISODE 4 – Radio Under the Umbrella Part 2 – More stories from the radio stations of the Travelers Insurance Company (WTIC AM and FM)

WEEK 3 – SEPTEMBER 23, 2015 (EPISODES 5 &6)

EPISODE 5 – Insurance City Radio – More stories of Hartford radio including the histories of WCCC, WTHT, WNBC/WHTD/WONS and WGTH.

EPISODE 6 – Pop Goes Your Radio – the story of Hartford’s first top 40 station – WPOP.

WEEK 4 – SEPTEMBER 30, 2015 (EPISODES 7 &8)

EPISODE 7 – Brass and Park – Radio stories from Waterbury and Bridgeport including the histories of WICC, WNAB, WJZZ/WPSB/WEZN, WATR, WWYZ, WWCO, WIOF/WYSR/WMRQ, WBRY/WTBY/WQQW.

EPISODE 8 – Hometown Radio Part 1 – Stories from radio stations in Connecticut’s smaller cities and towns including WCNX/WMRD (Middletown), WILI (Willimantic),WINF (Manchester), WKNB/WRYM (New Britain), WLIS (Old Saybrook), WNLK (Norwalk), and WSOR/WEHW/WKND (Windsor).

WEEK 5 – OCTOBER 7, 2015 (EPISODES 9 &10)

EPISODE 9 – Hometown Radio Part 2 More stories from Radio stations in Connecticut’s Smaller Cities and Towns including WBIS (Bristol), WMMW/WBMI/WKSS (Meriden), and WHAY/WRCH/WRCQ (New Britain).

EPISODE 10 – Elm City Radio – The history of New Haven’s radio stations including WAVZ, WBIB, WELI, WDEE/WCDQ/WOMN/WSCR, WNHC, and WPLR.

 WWUH West Hartford 91.3 FM – University of Hartford WDJW Somers High School 89.7 FM
 WAPJ Torrington Community Radio 89.9 FM/105.1 FM WWEB Wallingford – Choate Rosemary Hall – 89.9 FM
 Streaming online at WWUH.org

This site was created to help preserve the rich history of broadcasting in Connecticut.  The initial focus has been on radio but we've started adding pages on the state's TV stations and will continue to do so as time permits.

Several stations, including WDRC, WHUS, WICC, WMMM, WPOP, WTIC and WWUH, are represented on some wonderful official or unofficial tribute sites but the history of many of CT's stations is not well documented. We hope this site will help correct that situation.

We are always looking for new information, corrections, pictures,  memorabilia and staff recollections so if you can help please let us know. Our email address is below.

Stations are listed by their current call letters to minimize confusion.  Often you will see their original call letters in parenthesis to assist in locating old stations. Stations that are no longer on the air are listed under "Silent Stations".

Click on the call letters at the left to find out more about the history of that particular station. Some stations have multiple pages so hover your cursor over the call letters and you will see a list of the various pages available. 

We are adding more information all the time so please check back often (see the "history" section below) and don't forget to sign the guest book. 

The information on this site is as accurate as possible but since the material comes from numerous sources, some of which cannot be verified, it should be considered for entertainment purposes only.

hartfordradiohistory.com is not affiliated with any broadcast station.

Feedback is welcome and should be sent to:

John Ramsey - Webmaster

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